A Fond Farewell

By Fay Lamb

The Inspired Prompt page has been a way to reach out to authors and to writers. I applaud those who brainstormed the idea, started it, invited me to join, and kept it going.

Lately, I have been looking back over my long journey as a writer, and I have at times been highly encouraged and determined. At others, I have been discouraged as I run into walls. Inspired Prompt and the friendships I have made have always been a light in the darkness. I was surprised when I first learned that we would no longer be blogging, but I soon understood, that a page is not what brought us together. Our like minds and our love for God drew us like magnets to one another. When the blog is gone, it does not mean that the Crew will be missing in action. Far from it. We will be cheering from the paths of the different journeys we will take, and those journeys will never be too far from one another. Nor will it take us far from our readers. In fact, in some cases, I am sure that God means for us to draw closer to our friends who made this blog so popular.

In our current world crisis, God actually took me from another project in which I thrived. I had to find a new direction for me. Then I received the word that Inspired Prompt would end, and I was saddened. So many things are changing. Did this have to change, too? As I pondered that question, I realized that God’s answer is “yes.” Change is hard, but pushing back against God’s direction in our lives is so much more difficult.

My prayer for each of the members who wrote for the blog and for those who read it, is that in this time where we are all enduring change, that we all look to God, ask Him where He is working, stand where He is, and do the job that He has for us. I pray that the paths of each of the Crew members and each of our readers will continually cross, because God has been awesome to bring us together. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to encourage one another.

God bless you, our wonderful readers. Thank you, friends—readers and writers alike—for your encouragement. Thank you, Crew, for the opportunities.

Until We Meet Again

By Tammy Trail

Well, it’s my turn. The day I have dreaded since Jennifer made the announcement about deactivating the blog. I refused to accept it. I tried to find a solution. I practically begged the powers that be to reconsider. I wanted to stomp my foot and throw a hissy fit like a two-year-old.

However, none of that worked. Then I realized I was being selfish. Admitting it sounds even worse. Who was I to hold back progress? Sometimes leaving on a good note is best. Even though I knew this in my head, my heart grew heavy, and my mind entertained thoughts of what it meant for me without this blog. I will miss it.

Then I remembered that sometimes things need to end so new things can grow. Even God made it evident in nature, in our Spirits, and with our very lives. We see it everyday for 365 days that make up our year. I know this year is especially hard for all of us, as we are now experiencing history being made with the virus that controls our days. I do not know about you, but I feel cabin fever settling in a little bit.

For the past five years, being part of this CREW has meant the world to me. Jennifer took a big chance on a newbie writer and allowed me to learn, create, and gifted me with a chance to use my voice.  I’m sure some of my older blog post read like the very amateur that I am. I needed a lot of help. And I was graciously given all the help I needed. I appreciate each crew member past and present. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I know there are crew members  launching new books, maybe scheduling speaking engagements, and getting contracts offers to write more books. I’m so very excited for all of you!

Thank you to everyone who followed us, left comments, and gave advise along the way! You were the best part of writing for Inspired Prompts! Thank you so much for spending your time with us. I’ve spent my free time lately working on a new novel. I like how its shaping up. I have a writing friend offering to be a mentor of sorts. I’m very excited about that! So maybe someday my writing will be read again, in a published book, or on a blog of my own. Until then……


Happy trails to you,
Until we meet again.
Happy trails to you,
Keep smiling until then.

Who cares about the clouds when we’re together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.

Happy trails to you,
Until we meet again.

Until we meet again#goodbyes are hard

3 Questions with Hope Bolinger

It’s 3-Questions with Hope Bolinger, a literary agent at C.Y.L.E., and a graduate of Taylor University’s professional writing program. Let’s get to know her, the first question, what was the best money you ever spent as a writer concerning craft? How about marketing?

Hope: I would say any Serious Writer conference, class, or online simulcast has been incredible. I believed this long before I worked for them, but they really do offer incredible prices and great materials for marketing, publishing, and craft.

Great recommendation for our readers. Next question, if you could give a novice writer one piece of advice, what would it be?

Hope: Know that writing is a long process. When I first started at 16, I began querying agents at 17 and wondered why I never heard back. It comes with a steep learning curve and will take a lot longer than you expect. Keep going and keep writing!

Wonderful advice, thank you. Our final question, were you a young writer, late-bloomer, or somewhere in-between?

Hope: Definitely a young writer, but I truly believe that age doesn’t matter in writing. If you have an important story to tell, tell it, no matter if you’re 16 or 60.

We all have a story in us. Thanks for sharing! Connect with Hope on the following platforms:

Click to tweet: Know that writing is a long process. When I first started at 16, I began querying agents at 17 and wondered why I never heard back. It comes with a steep learning curve and will take a lot longer than you expect. Keep going and keep writing!

BIO Hope Bolinger

Hope Bolinger is a literary agent at C.Y.L.E. and a graduate of Taylor University’s professional writing program. More than 600 of her works have been featured in various publications ranging from Writer’s Digest to Keys for Kids to Crosswalk.com. She writes about 250-300 articles a year. Her modern-day Daniel, “Blaze,” (Illuminate YA) released in 2019, and they contracted the sequel “Den” for July 2020. Her superhero romance she co-wrote with Alyssa Roat releases from INtense Publications in September 2020. She has also contributed to books published by Broadstreet, Taylor University Press, and New Hope. Her favorite way to procrastinate is to connect with readers at her website: hopebolinger.com

Book Blurb: Den

Danny Belte barely survived his sophomore year at King’s Academy, having to deal with horrible initiation practices, stomach-churning cafeteria food, and the constant threat of arson.

His junior year doesn’t start off much better. Facing a series of mysterious suicide attempts that begin on day one–and a disturbing pattern that appears to connect them–Danny has a feeling something far more sinister is at play. He tries to narrow down a list of suspects as those closest to him disappear, one by one.

Can he protect his friends from a possible murderer on the loose? Or will he find himself trapped in a fate worse than a lions’ den?

Available on Amazon, Hope Bolinger author page.

3 Questions Wednesday with Peggy Trotter

Welcome to Wednesday! Today our guest is Peggy Trotter, an author who writes in multiple genres, historical, contemporary, and suspense, but always inspirational. Let’s get to know her better.  Our first question, what do you love most about the writing process? The least?

Peggy: Writing has always sparked a happy breathlessness in my heart. Even as a Children's Book Profits | Udemyyoung child. I was one of three chosen amongst my first grade class as having created the best books, aka, a folded coloring page with three sentences of a lame story. Mine was entitled The Puppy’s Surprize. Yes, error and all, LOL. But—I can remember, with acute clarity, standing outside the attorney’s office window, where it hung in honor, and something magical birthed inside my young soul. Writing…enchanted me.

And even today, I get that same giddy feeling, knee-deep in the plot, feeling the waves of emotion roll off my fingertips, my body leaned forward in anticipation of the sigh-worthy resolution. Yes! This is what I love the most. When time becomes a mythical thing, thrown aside for what awakens in that tight cycle of wooing creativity.

And what could possibly dent this wave-riding thrill of fabricating the perfect story? Rejection. Doubts. Reality. But perhaps rejection trumps the others. Or encourages the others to come along for a ride. Constantly being told by people that my writing, my story is not good enough, long enough, short enough, grabbing enough, clear enough, engaging enough, anchored enough, blah, blah, pick another negative slip from the hat of frustration. Yes, ugh. That is truly the part I like least. But I have learned, with a grit of my teeth, to carry on and let God bless. Stubbornness, in this instance, has served me well.

What passion you have for writing! I’m sure it comes through to your stories. Next question: what was the best money you ever spent as a writer concerning craft? How about marketing?

Peggy: The best money I ever spent was getting involved with a writing community. InACFW announces Carol Award and Genesis winners; Jerry Jenkins ... my instance, ACFW. From the moment I sent in my first membership payment, I began my new education of writing better. The national conference, while feeding my inner love of bumping elbows with other writers and making connections, also fed my need to learn and to come face-to-face with people and pressure of the writing business. And as far as marketing goes, I am wrestling the beast continually. A slippery, resistant character it is.

Getting involved in a solid writing community is a great way to learn, connect and grow! Final question, Were you a young writer, late-bloomer, or somewhere in-between?

Peggy:  As far as when I began writing, I was all three. A young writer, a late bloomer, and somewhere in-between. I wrote as an early teen, though here I only got my toes wet clomping away on an old manual typewriter. Somewhere in-between my feet got accustomed to the water, and I received my first rejection. But when my kids left the house, leaving a huge gaping hole not only in my schedule but my heart. I asked God to fill it with something worthwhile. Enter writing again, and it proved plenty stout enough to fill the gaping crater in my life. Only this time, with experience in my back pocket, I knew I would have to set my nose into the wind and push. And here I am, sailing into the brisk wind, straight line at worst, gentle wafts at best, my hands to the keyboard, trusting God to sort it out. Writing on, with hope in my heart and time thrust aside. And the people’s lives I touch make the journey so worth battling the naysayers. And so encouraging as well.

Sounds wonderful and inspiring! Thanks for stopping by. Connect with Peggy online: 

Click to Tweet: And even today, I get that same giddy feeling, knee-deep in the plot, feeling the waves of emotion roll off my fingertips, my body leaned forward in anticipation of the sigh-worthy resolution. Yes! This is what I love the most. When time becomes a mythical thing, thrown aside for what awakens in that tight cycle of wooing creativity.

Peggy Trotter’s Bio:

When Peggy Trotter’s not crafting or DIY-ing, she’s immersed in a story scene of some sort, always pushing toward that sigh-worthy, happily-ever-after ending. Two kids, 2 step-kids, and 2 grandchildren, the delight her life, as well as her Batman of 35 years whose cape is much worn from rescuing his wife from one scrape or another.

Winner of the prestigious ACFW Genesis Award in 2014, she flip-flops from historical to contemporary to suspense, but always inspirational. But ultimately, it’s always about incredible characters and storylines that reveal God’s guiding providence and unending love.

The Secret Things, the first book in the series, Unchained Souls:

Deep in the Smoky Mountains…Secrets Abound. Jerrica Rankin doesn’t know who she is. But she isn’t the woman in the wedding photo. So who is this stranger on her porch, gripping this incriminating picture? How will Jerrica conquer her panic attacks and prove her identity and get her life back?

Brock Langston buried his wife three years ago. But he finds her, deep in the Smoky Mountains, very much alive and denying who she is. How could she have forgotten their relationship and why didn’t anyone contact him? Is Jerrica really his wife? Or an imposter?

Thank You

In 2016, I joined the Inspired Prompt’s crew. Through the experience, I met a group of people who “got” me, unlike my family. Please don’t misunderstand me. Perhaps our families are our biggest fans, but let’s face it when writers mention things like pinch points, plot twists, and character development eyes tend to glaze over.

Writers need people who understand their problems. 😊 That need for understanding is what made Inspired Prompt work for the past eight years. Each week, fellow-writers came together to share ideas and much-needed encouragement through their blog posts and comments.

But like all good things, Inspired Prompt will come to an end this month. So, to all the readers, and commenters, I want to say “thank you” for all you’ve done. You are the reason I showed up and wrote each month. You encouraged me to keep going when I felt like giving up.

And now, I want to encourage you. Don’t let anything get in the way of reaching your goals. If for some reason you miss your target, don’t beat yourself up. Show up and keep writing. Find people and groups who can help you along your way. Take classes and hone your craft. And when you achieve your goals, help others in their endeavors. You won’t regret it. Finally, stay true to yourself. You are God’s gift to this world.

I’m sure we will meet again somewhere in this world of writing. Until then, may God bless you and keep you safe.

Happy writing, dear friend.