About Writing Prompts

Hello all, Jennifer Hallmark here. My writing friends, Christina Rich and
Betty Thomason Owens, and I welcome you to our new reference blog for
writers, Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas…Oh My. Whether you are an
established author, writing as a hobby, or need help with a school project,
this is the blog for you.

Each month, we’ll introduce a new topic of reference,and a new post on
Tuesdays and Fridays. We hope to spark ideas, provoke thought, and provide
prompts to enrich and challenge your writing skills. And it will be a
smorgasbord of fun.

Think of this blog as a word cafeteria, a neighborhood place where you drop
by, grab a tray, and fill up on ideas, thoughts, and prompts. Visit as
often as you like. Future topics include nature, holidays, weather,
apparel, and places to visit. So come by often, we’re always open.

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