What’s in a flower?


Plants. Vegetation. Foliage. Florae. What’s a good story without a background setting containing plant life? Whether it’s a southern belle sashaying through a rose garden, or an F.B.I. agent pursuing a criminal through a field full of thistles, an important foundation of our story can be the vegetation in the scene.

Many times we fall back on the familiar. You need flowers for the wedding bouquet. Roses. Carnations. Lilies. No, your character is unique, so she needs unusual flowers. Oh my. We’re stuck.

This month we’re providing flowers, flowering vines, parasitic plants, and trees. Pluck the ones you like, leave the rest for other writers. Let me give you an example.
A hydrangea rests in the flower bed near my front door, barely awake from its winter nap. Memories stir as I regard this plant that will one day blossom with bluish-purple foliage. An enormous bush also graced the front flower bed of the dark brick home where my husband’s mother and grandmother lived. They’re no longer with us here on earth, but when I see my hydrangea, I smile. All my senses fill with impressions I have from being with them, in their home, at holidays, and even caretaking. From these impressions—stories, ideas, thoughts, and prompts abound in my imagination. All from my hydrangea bush.
So don’t forget to drop by every Tuesday and Friday for a visit. We’re looking forward to seeing you…
Tuesday’s sentence prompt: The blue hydrangea blossoms stirred as the scrawny juvenile sprinted away from…

This week’s flowers, vines, and parasitic plants reside in the region of the United States known as the southeast.  Trees will be classed differently, this week’s group being conifers. For a visual of each plant, check out wikipedia at http://www.wikipedia.org/
Rosebay rhododendron
Hooded blue violet
Yellow trillium
Wild geranium
Black-eyed Susan
Water lily, cattails
White clover
Queen Anne’s lace
Sweet William
Vines & Parasitic Plants
Morning glory
Sweet potato vine
Trumpet vine
Passion flowers
Spanish fir
Lawson cypress
Eastern red cedar
European larch
Ponderosa pine
Swamp cypress