Soooo, since it’s the last Friday of our blogging month we thought (okay, I thought) it’d be fun to see what y’all come up with. I chose one of my favorite prompts from the month. In under 500 words, using the prompt below, write a scene. Jennifer, Betty and I will choose our favorite scene. Winner will be announced on next Tuesday’s blog. That means you’ll need to have your prompt to us by midnight Sunday (central time).

John glanced from the burnt orange sunset to the blush of the Indian paintbrush in the meadow below before his gaze settled on…

Oh, I suppose you want to know what it is you’ll receive . . . .  well, your prompt will be featured here.  And, are you ready for this?  The winner will also receive a $10 gift certificate to

Okay, so not a huge deal, but if you’re like me that ten dollars will come in handy toward the purchase of a research or writing craft book.

Don’t forget to post your prompt in the comments. Oh, and if you’re shy, you can email them to us, too. Double oh, please keep your entries family friendly as we have young readers, too.

Happy Writing,