My #1 Dream Vacation Spot

I’ve always had a thing for maps, even as a child. I even have several hanging on my walls. I can’t tell you what that thing is exactly, but I can tell you that there is something that reaches deep into my soul when I gaze upon (and yes, touch) them, especially the antiques. It’s as if, one glance, one touch and I’ll be transported to another time and place.

However, I’m not here to talk about maps, but rather vacations. Although, I once saw a movie, can’t remember the name off hand, where the main character tossed a dart at a map and wherever it landed that is where he/she would venture. How cool would that be?

Better yet, I’d love it if someone actually invented a ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ machine.

Just imagine, we could go where ever we wanted whenever we wanted, spend a few minutes or a few months. Hmmm, I feel like an authentic Greek salad. Let’s go to Greece for lunch. Then again, it would be nice to visit my very good friend in Luxembourg.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible, yet. Sooooo, I have a list of dream vacation spots. Can you guess which one is at the top of my list?

Well, if you know me well, you’ll know it’s one of two places, both rich in history.

I know I’m supposed to be a writer and all, but there is no way my words can do this place justice. And I guess it doesn’t help that the thought of visiting this place leaves me speechless and in awe, besides there are too many places I’d like to see when I get to this vacation spot. Trust me when I say I could take every day of this month and still not cover them all. So, I’m leaving you with a video. It won’t cover all the spots I’d like to see but it does hit the main ones.