The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village

Labor Day weekend turned into a fun trip for my husband and me when friends invited us to join them at a rented condo in Florida. I have visited various cities along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida, but this would be my first trip to Destin.

Destin, Florida. An 8.2 square mile island, known as the world’s luckiest fishing village, houses the largest and most elaborately equipped fishing fleet in the State of Florida.   Beaches teem with powder-soft sand, some of the whitest in the world, lapped by emerald-green ocean waters. Destin has twelve public beaches, and numerous attractions for tourists year round.
Several events take place throughout the year as well. For the month of October, the annual Destin Fishing Rodeo draws anglers to Destin each year since 1948.  Also in the month of October is the Destin Seafood Festival, where fresh seafood and local artists gather for one weekend every October.
In addition to an assortment of hotels and motels, many high-rise condominiums are located in Destin. The first condominiums in Destin were built in the 1970s, and construction continues today. Visitors play a large part in Destin’s economy – the city’s population of around 12,000 balloons to 40,000 during the tourist season.

While visiting, we ate at several wonderful restaurants, one being Dewey Destin’s at Crab Island.  Our group feasted on steamed crab legs, steamed shrimp, grilled grouper, and fried scallops. This laid-back place on the water is a must for seafood in Destin. We also shopped at the Silver Sands Factory Stores which boasts over 100 stores.
So if your character needs a vacation in Florida, think Destin. Fishing, shopping, beaches, and restaurants abound, so your hero or heroine will have plenty to do. Oh, and your villains too.
Today’s writing prompt:  Powdered sugar. Gwen sifted the soft sand through her fingers as her stomach growled. Why did everything remind her of food and her strict diet? The emerald green water which stretched to the horizon took her back to…