Favorite Christmas Memories

Since it’s Christmas we thought we’d share some of our favorite memories. 
Each year I find something special to hold near to my heart. I remember one time when I was little. I had to be younger than six, but I recall thinking Santa wasn’t real. I’m not sure how I had come to think this, but my parents took me out for our yearly ride in search of Santa and just as we pulled back up to the house I heard him. I really heard him. I looked and looked but didn’t see him.
For many years we always had some sort of Christmas with that special Santa of mine. Grandpa passed away back in ’99 (if I recall correctly), but I’ll never forget the Christmas memories with him.
This year will be extra special. Our family has had a long, hard year, but God has been faithful and He has brought restoration, and continues to do so, into our home. We will have our own little miracle and we will all be together this Christmas and I can’t wait to kiss and hug each one of my children when they walk through the door. 
Christmas 2005

This was the last Christmas spent with my Dad (center of photo). I’m so thankful for our family tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve together. Our lives are enriched as the generations gather, share favorite foods and sweet memories. When all the grandchildren open their gifts, it’s a little like a Griswold Christmas! Wrapping paper flies through the air and little ones dive bomb the Christmas tree, looking for more gifts. The aftermath resembles the path of an E4 tornado. We never mind cleaning up the mess. Because sometimes, just being together is the greatest gift of all.

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Gift-20One fond Christmas memory occurred during our first year of marriage. My husband, Danny, and his sister, Kay, had gone shopping for last minute items while I stayed at his mother’s house, helping her cook for Christmas Eve.

I glanced up when I heard the front door open and in came Kay followed by Danny. He must have been carrying ten to twelve wrapped presents, shirt box size. It was all he could do to carry the unwieldy stack inside. And they were all for me!

Most of my clothes growing up were sewn by my mother and I was overwhelmed as I opened box after box of pants, sweaters, and shirts, all in matched sets. I don’t know if it was as much about the presents as having an empty place inside me filled, one I didn’t realize was there.

God is still working through other people to bless me and fill other empty places. And I daily look for other people who need a blessing in their life…