On the Eve of 2013

HNY-funky2013 will be upon us in a few short hours, and so begins our new blog. There’s still a little construction work, so don that hard hat. Watch your step as you cross the steel beams of information, great articles, and timely advice. The Writing Prompts Crew is a mixture of writers in the genre of fantasy, romance, women’s fiction, science fiction, thrillers, and inspirational. So be sure and check out our new articles on Tuesdays and Fridays and of course, our monthly contest.

The monthly contest for the ever popular Amazon gift card changes from random drawings to short story contests, and for the first time, a new followers contest coming in the spring. January’s topic of interest is Everything Bible and should provide plenty of building material for all your writing needs.

Topics this year include motorcycles, soccer, heroes, villains, and pets. What more could one want? So ready your tool of choice, whether it’s a computer in the coffee shop, or journal and pencil on the back porch, and begin to write. After you are properly inspired by a writing prompt, thought, or idea…

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