Has Anyone Seen God?

For what God is there in heaven or on earth who can do the deeds and mighty works you do? Deuteronomy 3:24

In Exodus, God begins an epic tale of deliverance. Most of us are familiar with the story told in the movie The Ten Commandments. How God freed the Hebrew nation from the clutches of Egypt. Then long after they were physically delivered, He continued to work through Moses to deliver them mentally and spiritually from Egypt.

They would leave aside their worship of other gods and learn to accept the guidance of the One True God, their Deliverer. It should be easy, after all He did to free them of the pharaoh’s control. But, they had been taught to bow their knee to visible likenesses of earthly gods. When Moses stayed away too long, they formed a likeness of what they knew––a bull––and worshiped it.

So why did God not reveal himself to them? Why did He warn them away from His Holy Mountain? Would this not solve everything? Prove Himself to them? No. He knew them, as He knows us, right where we are. Right now. Today.

God hid His form from the Israelites (man) so they would never be able to create an image of Him then worship the image instead of Him (our God is a jealous God). Even when He finally did respond to Moses’ request, He only allowed Moses to look upon His back as He passed by. No man sees God and lives.

Moses never told any more about what he saw. He never carved a statue to illustrate or commemorate the event. Many times throughout our history, man would again resort to statues and idols. But those who believe without seeing are more blessed than those who have seen (John 20:29).

In Pentateuch, the Hebrews struggled to gain the promised land in the name of “I Am,” the unseen God, the One True God. Many great battles ensued, and when they trusted and obeyed Him, they would win their battles. When they disobeyed, even in a small way, they would lose battles and lose lives.

Do you believe? Study the scripture. When you research your WIP, don’t forget the Bible. You never want to overpower your story with scripture, but you can weave precious nuggets of truth throughout. Why? To change hearts, to make deposits of hope in hurting lives. To inspire and heal the brokenhearted. Shine your light through your work.

There are many fine examples of this in contemporary literature. And don’t overlook the classics. God is present in many of our favorites, like Jane Eyre and Little Women––some of the most popular books of all time. With this in mind, I challenge you to finish today’s prompt, interjecting faith to overcome anxiety or physical trauma:

Prompt: Warmth flooded the room where Maxine sat. She glanced up to find the sun spilling through the open door. The long night had ended.

4 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen God?

  1. God refused to give them a name as well when Moses asked, “What shall we call you?” He said, “I am.” It was the Egyptian belief that writing something down brought it into existence, and that it could be removed from existence by scratching the name out. (Writing was still considered magic back then.) I think he wouldn’t let them see him for the same reason. Idols give man control over their god. They can hide him away, take him out. Move him around. And invading armies always destroyed the idols, thereby destroying the gods.

    The one true God has never allowed himself to be made in a graven image which has done two things. We can’t destroy him, nor can we think we’ve destroyed him. We cannot control him. Our God is sovereign unlike the gods of the heathens – all of which are long turned to rubble.

  2. Betty, writing OT Biblicals has been somewhat a challenge for me but I learn so much and God’s hand is evident. I love the little nuggets I find when reading over my manuscript, things I didn’t intend, but God did.

    Great post!

  3. Thanks for adding to my thoughts, John. Also, I remember reading that the Egyptians believed writing had magical powers, but I’d forgotten it. Thought-provoking!

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