The Bible on Romance

400px-Esther_haramOne of the hardest things about this month’s topic is choosing what to write. There is so much in the Bible, so many stories, so much wisdom….I could go on and on. I mean how do you choose? As a romance writer you’d think I’d pick something along the lines of David and Bathsheba, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, or even though it had a tragic ending, Samsom and Delilah.Let’s not forget Abraham and Sarah, Ruth and Boaz, Jacob and Rachel, Rahab and Salmon. And what of Esther and King Xerxes I.

These are all characters and stories most of us are familiar with. We’re familiar with the setting and the plot lines. The goals, conflict and motivations. Sooooo….. I’ll leave you to ponder those for a moment.688px-Bathsheba_in_her_bath-Veronese-MBA_Lyon_A63-IMG_0319

All right, are you back? Did you make a list of goals, motivation and conflicts for each story? That’s okay, I was just joking anyway.

Hubs and I are friends with this couple. She’s a little over five foot and he’s a little under seven foot. He wears a leather vest and reminds of all those Hell’s Angel stories I was told growing up, and I’m sure he has worse stories to tell, but he’s one of the neatest guys. I get a kick out of listening to Hubs and him talk theology. He’s a guy finding his way back to Jesus and it’s neat to see his growth. Anyway, he discovered I sold a book and started asking questions.

388px-Song_of_songs_Rothschild_mahzorHim: So, you sold a book.
Me: Yeah, it’s the Biblical set romance I told you about.
Him: Oh. (scratches chin) What’d you do, use that book, what’s it called? You know the one that everyone says is sexual.
Me: Song of Songs.
Him: Yeah.
Me: Well, it is a very romantic book, but the entire Bible is a love story.
Him: (furrows his brows)
Me: (big smile) The Bible is a love story. It’s all about God wooing his people, courting them and declaring his love for humankind. The Bible is filled with examples of self-sacrificial love.

Our friend’s intentions had started out to get a rise out of me, but God (because I never would have said it on my own) used it for His glory. It made our friend think. AND if I’m to be honest it made me think too.

I love the characters listed above. No matter their story situation they discover just how much God loves them. I love the fact that my story is being written as we speak. I’m discovering every day how deep and wide God’s love is for me.

As I mentioned above I write romance, which tends to get a bad rap, especially within the Christian world. Critics say romance fiction gives women a false sense of what love really should be, it leads them into an unrealistic fantasy world about their spouses. But I say, romance fiction, especially Christian romance, inspires women to work on their relationships instead of walk away when times get rough. More importantly, when Christian romance is written well it shows how a three cord strand is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). As an inspirational romance writer, that is my ultimate goal, to put God in the center of it all.

I don’t write romance because the Song of Songs grants me permission. I write romance because that is what God has called me to do. He gave me a mission field, whether it’s a married Christian woman trying desperately to save her marriage or a down-and-out woman incarcerated looking for hope in a hopeless situation. The stories I write are ones God has placed on my heart. The stories I write are prayed over consistently morning, noon and night and not just by me. I have many prayer warriors praying over my stories. The stories I write have a message God intended for someone to hear, just like David and Bathsheba’s story was intended. Just like Rahab, Solomon, Ruth and Esther’s.

My prayer is, when you open up your Bible you see, not just the story, but God’s love letter to you. Right now I’m reading Hosea. It’s a tough one to read, yet so beautiful when you see God’s outstretched arms for his people.

PROMPT: Jenna glanced up into the grey eyes staring down at her. She’d prayed for this moment since she’d been a small child, but she never imagined anything quite like this….