Movie-Cycle Trivia & Other Stuff

I stepped out the door of Aunt Edna’s house as my older brother Mike roared into the drive on his motorcycle. I had not seen his new mode of transportation, since he was living in the area, and I lived near Nashville in Middle Tennessee.

“Hop on!” he shouted. I only hesitated a moment. He showed me where to put my feet and ordered me to “hold on tight.” I did. I think he had a lasting impression of my hold for quite some time. Now before you judge me, I have to tell you we were on a narrow gravel road in the middle of nowhere. I was terrified. When we finally arrived back at the house, they pried me off the bike, and I’ve never ridden since.

My brother kept his motorcycle for several years. Not long after I married, we were at my parents’ house for dinner, and Mike was expected. We heard the familiar roar. Mom and I stood at the door waiting to greet him. He was not alone. Not surprising, he’d had a number of girlfriends, but this one seemed different. She was right at home on the back of that motorcycle. When he stopped, she stood up and removed her helmet. I knew at that moment, she was the one for him.

Motorcycles have been romanticized. Some of them are famous. They’ve starred in movies. Stars have ridden them in movies. One scene immediately comes to my mind when I think of movie motorcycles. Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, riding into those rolls of barbed wire. Now that was exciting. Though this is my personal favorite, the choppers in Easy Rider take top billing among movie bikes. This 1969 movie had thousands of men running out to buy souped-up Harleys. Brando rode a 650cc Triumph Thunderbird in the movie that was banned for fourteen years in the UK––The Wild One. I was not allowed to see it either.

My favorite recent movie motorcyclist was Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman in the latest Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises. I didn’t like most of that movie, but Anne riding the Batpod was a high point.

While I understand the fascination with the motorcycle, I’m still reluctant to ride one. Especially on narrow, gravel roads behind a notoriously reckless older brother. Do you have a favorite movie moment involving motorcycles? Did that movie or scene in a movie inspire you to include a cycle-riding character in one of your novels or stories?

Today’s prompt – Write a short story and include the following: A long, winding road, a Harley-Davidson, a pink backpack and a stray cat. Use our comment section or the contact tab to enter your story in our February Prompt Contest.

5 thoughts on “Movie-Cycle Trivia & Other Stuff

  1. I think my favorite recent motorcycle scene in a movie must come from the latest TRON. I ride a bike pretty often and usually listen to music since I insist on wearing earplugs for the noise. If anything from the soundtrack to TRON comes on while I riding I have to be careful not to get reckless!

  2. Those TRON bikes were amazing. There’s a company nearby that makes sound systems for motorcyclists called Radio Sound. I interviewed there once. Really interesting. I’d always wondered how people stood the loud noise and how did they hear music over the sound of the engine? Great invention.

  3. “Write a short story and include the following: A long, winding road, a Harley-Davidson, a pink backpack and a stray cat.”

    Ummm…not. Sorry, Betty, John, Jennifer and Christina.

    I have never ridden on a motorcycle, Harley or otherwise, and I never will(and I say that with every intention of keeping my word). 🙂

    My mother, and older brother, poisoned me against those two-wheeled motor vehicles. Why? My brother (14 yrs my senior) was SERIOUSLY injured while riding one. He hasn’t walked the same since, and has had to have a number of surgeries to repair his busted leg. Of course, the accident was completely HIS fault (he was 17), but that changes NOTHING for me. 🙂

    Nope, I will not be entering this months Writing Prompts contest because I have no experience riding motorcycles. But I sure have learned a lot. 🙂

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