3 Questions Wednesday is almost here!

The newest feature at Writing Prompts, Thoughts, & Ideas…Oh My! is 3 Questions Wednesday, which begins this week. Topics, including Facebook, Twitter, e-publishing, and reality television, will be discussed with top authors, editors, bloggers, agents, and publishers. Find out what they think and why.

Also our contests rules are changing. Yes, we still want to read your 500-word or less short story taken from one of our writing prompts, but now your short story will get your name in the drawing for the gift card three times. Triple your chances of winning. For those who just don’t have time to add short story writing to your repertoire, you can “like” our Facebook page or “follow” the blog and also get your name in the hat one time. “Share” our link on your FB page or twitter and we’ll put your name in again.

Look for 3 Questions Wednesday drawings. We’re giving away many great prizes! You have a week to comment and be entered in the drawing.

This month, win a $15 Amazon gift card and a one-chapter edit by a member of the Writing Prompts Crew!

It’s a win-win for you and us! So check out the new and improved blog and 3 Questions Wednesday, submit your story, follow, share, or like and win today.

Our hope is to spark ideas, provoke thought, and provide prompts to enrich and challenge your writing skills. Think of this blog as a word cafeteria, a neighborhood place where you drop by, grab a tray, and fill up on ideas, thoughts, and prompts. Visit as often as you like.

Come by soon, we’re always open.

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