Hey, you, yeah you…

Yep, I’m , talking to you. No, not you, Commenter, but you. The one who’s lurking behind the computer screen afraid to comment. I know you’re there. I can see you through my special techie-opti vision glasses.

Did you know we have some really cool prizes every month? Did you also know that your only chance of winning one of those prizes is to leave a comment? And your chances increase with each comment/writing prompt your enter.

Oh, I know. I was scared to put my stuff out there too, but look what happened. I entered a contest and ended up with a contract with a New York publishing house. The prompts are meant to inspire, to tap into your creative side, to get you thinking and practicing. You never know what will come out of a prompt. Just think, you could be inspired to write an entire novel based off one of our prompts and end up published with your target publishing house like I did.

And Wednesdays are so cool!!!! Who knew you could learn a lot about a person in only three questions? If you haven’t already, you should check them out. We have already had an awesome line up of professionals from the writing industry and it’ll only get better. You never know what you’ll learn, and sometimes there great giveaways, but you have to stop by and you have to comment to be eligible.

So, what’s on the agenda for the month of May at Writing Prompts?

Classical Literature!

Oh, yeah!!!!

I love collecting classical literature. I don’t necessarily read them all but I do love collecting them. Some of the ones I’ve read and loved are Treasure Island and Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevens, The Hobbit by Tolkien. S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and Rumblefish (hard to believe those are now classics). The Great Gatsby (totally looking forward to the movie). Charles Dickens (too many to name). Homer, All Quiet on the Western Front, John Milton and Mark Twain. I’ve read Beowulf and Canterbury Tales as well as some Walter Scott. Ay, the list goes on and on.

I can’t wait to see what my co-blogging mates come up with this month. So, here is a question for you:

Can you guess what classical literature piece I tried to read and only making it 1/4 of the way quit? I’ll give you a hint, it’s over 400,000 words.

3 thoughts on “Hey, you, yeah you…

  1. The thought of writing over 400K words sends a chill right down my spine. I know that’s cliche, but that’s a whole lot of words. I do have a guess, but I’m not sayin’ since I can’t win the contest…

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