Darlene Franklin

Darlene franklin

Today we welcome Darlene Franklin, author of twenty-five + books, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

(1)Do you watch reality television? Why or why not?
Darlene: Absolutely! I love watching the creativity of cooks, makeup artists, dancers, musicians, celebrities in competition. It gives me insight into the creative process. As I write this, I’m watching Storage Wars, which I’ll follow with FaceOff and Dance Moms. I’m seriously addicted.

In addition to learning a few things, I enjoy the characters and I don’t have to follow the episode minute by minute to enjoy it. Living in an environment where I can interrupted at any moment, that’s a real advantage.

(2)What are your thoughts on e-publishing?
Darlene: I have a lot of concerns about e-publishing. Too many people use it as a shortcut to honing their craft.

Having said that, more and more established authors are dabbling in e-publishing or use it to publish out-of-the-norm books (a Christian zombie book, anyone?) I’m taking my first plunge this year. Back in 2011, I wrote a novella for Christmas at Barncastle Inn, along with Susan Page Davis, Janelle Mowery, and Lynette Sowell.

The Barncastle is like a time-travel Fantasy Island. We are continuing the series with novellas celebrating a different holiday or special occasion every month. We began in March, with Spring Comes to the Barncastle by Lynette. My first contribution, Barncastle Memorial, will be published in May.

(3)Which do you prefer? Facebook or Twitter?
Darlene: I enjoy Facebook a great deal more. So far my experience with Twitter has been short, pithy words of wisdom, and ads.

Thank you, Darlene, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday! Darlene will give away a different book for every 10 comments, up to 30 comments (3 books). Make sure to leave a comment to be entered…

Darlene Franklin is the author of twenty-five books, including her two latest releases, A Bride’s Rogue in Roma, Texas, and Merry Christmas, With Love, in Postmark: Christmas. She has also written two books in the Texas Trails series with RiverNorth Fiction, Lone Star Trail and A Ranger’s Trail. She’s a member of Oklahoma City Christian Fiction Writers and American Christian Fiction Writers.

In addition to her fiction, Darlene has written more than 200 devotionals and has had articles appear in twenty different books. Later this year her first nonfiction title, It Is Well With My Soul, will be published.

You can find Darlene online at:
http://christianfictionhistoricalsociety.blogspot.com https://www.facebook.com/darlene.franklin