A Soccer Mom’s Perspective

I’m a bit like Betty. I don’t have much knowledge of soccer and its rules. I only know what my husband taught me as he was teaching our older sons to play. What I see is a bunch of people, according to John’s last post it’s 18 athletic players (plus the goalies), running from one end of a green field with white lines to the other end all while kicking a ball toward a large net.

Yep, that about sums up my knowledge. Oh, and of course, don’t touch the ball with your hands unless you’re the goalie or doing a throw in. I read John’s post with interest because I didn’t know a lot of that stuff. Now I do, but I can’t promise how long I will retain the knowledge. 🙂

kyle soccer

Kyle’s official soccer picture 🙂

Soccer is, however, one of the few sports I enjoy watching on occasion. It’s exciting watching grown men or women race each other from one end to the other, throwing themselves on the ground to keep a ball from rolling past two posts. LOL

It’s equally fun to watch 6-10 year-olds crowd around the ball to see who can kick it away from another player. It doesn’t really matter if the player is on his/her team or not, just so long as he/she has the ball.

A couple of my children played while their dad coached and I cheered (from a chair). One of my sons, not the one pictured, was quite good at throwing himself on the ground, so he played the goalie position more often than not. According to John’s description, he’d probably make a good goalie now (he stands about 6’5″) if he were more athletic, and so inclined to play.

I miss those days a little–watching the joy on the kids faces as they scored a goal, or prevented one. I don’t miss the sunburns, the bugs, or the hours spent practicing, though.

Ah, the joys of soccer.

Writing Prompt: Melissa checked the trunk once more. Balls, orange cones, cooler, and little Jimmy’s t-shirt, which needed to be returned to his mom. Had Bob said he needed something else for practice tonight? He had…what was it?

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