Bonnie Calhoun


Today we welcome Bonnie S. Calhoun, the founder and publisher of Christian Fiction Online Magazine and author of snarky suspense, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

(1) Do you watch reality television? Why or why not?

Bonnie: I had to stop and think because my writer brain fuses with my daily brain on such a regular basis that all the little people in there want a voice and I sometimes need to filter out fact from fiction. Reality TV to me is a conundrum because as I’ve noticed from the news this week, fact is WAY stranger than fiction because fiction needs to make sense. *snort-giggle* so now that I’ve used fancy footwork and evasion 101…uhm…no…I don’t watch reality tv, I’d rather watch NCIS or Blue Bloods where the fiction HAS TO make sense.

(2) What are your thoughts on e-publishing?

Bonnie: I personally think it is the best thing since sliced bread. (I guess I dated myself with that comment, ‘cause young people are effectively going, “Huh? What’s she talking about?” It means I think e-publishing is great! I’ve read more books in the last two years on my Kindle and iPad than I’ve read in the last five years of getting paper books! Electronics allow me to take a whole library with me as I travel, or buy a book on an instant whim…and change the size of the time at will! From an author side I think it is great for those that wish to independently publish and a lovely way of finding new authors at low cost. I think book stores that think outside of the box and find ways of capitalizing on the new medium will grow and thrive.

(3) Which do you prefer? Facebook or Twitter?

Bonnie: LOL…that should be easy to tell from my answers here! I can’t talk in only 140 characters so my medium of choice is Facebook. I love sharing funny sayings, pictures, videos, and the like and I get a much more efficient response…and can measure the response better on Facebook with the extensive opportunities they give you to using their statistical Insights. And I just have a lot more and instant fun on Facebook.

pieces of the heartThank you, Bonnie, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday! Make sure to leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for her latest book, Pieces of the Heart.

Bonnie S. Calhoun is owner of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, publisher the Christian Fiction Online Magazine, Northeast Zone Director for ACFW, ACFW’s ‘Mentor of the Year,’ for 2011, President of Christian Authors Network, Appointment Coordinator for the Colorado Christian Writers Conference and the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference.

Cooking the Books, Abingdon Press, 2012