How I survived my year as a debut novelist

Author-and-Speaker-Janalyn-Voigt_LargerA special thank you to Janalyn Voigt for allowing us to reprint her article on being a debut novelist…

Today marks my one-year anniversary as a debut novelist. I’ve survived gut-wrenching ups and downs while gleaning invaluable lessons. Entering the waters as a debut novelist is a lot like being told to sink or swim. Some writers sink, some tread water, some make a showing, and others take to the water like seals.

Not all of the factors that go into making it in the literary world are controllable, but some are. Quality is certainly a factor, but other considerations weigh in as well. Writers taken on by bigger publishing houses and those who self-publish gain marketing advantages over those published by smaller presses. That’s a generalization, and I’m sure exceptions exist.

Larger houses have access to readers through their email lists, through bookstores, and with a well-honed understanding of how best to reach their audience. Yes, these publishers are cutting back on marketing funds, but at least for the present the scales tip in their favor.

Self-published authors have…

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