The Naming Process

Hey ya’ll. Happy August. Ginger here, and today I’m going to reveal how I name my pets. You’ll be amazed. LOL

Actually, I’m rather boring when it comes to naming pets. A white cat named Snowball, and a black dog named Blackie are some of the names I chose as a child. So absolutely original, don’t you think?  LOL It hasn’t gotten much better now that I’m an adult.

Our family has a number of pets at the moment. Three dogs. One bunny. One cat. One hamster. 



Zorro is my baby. He’s a miniature Australian Shepherd. You can’t tell in this picture, but he has one blue eye, and the other is half blue and half brown. I named him Zorro because his belly and the front of his legs are white, and his back and the back of his hind legs are black–like he has on a cape. He also has the mask around his eyes. Looked like Zorro to me, though I should have named him Shadow, since wherever I am, he is too.



Midnight belongs to my oldest daughter. Midnight is a mutt–some type of short dog mixed with a black lab–and likes to catch and kill various species of wildlife, including small birds, chickens, and a wild bunny. I’ve also found her with a number of mice. Part cat?



Shaggy belongs to my second son. His name came from the Scooby-Doo cartoons, but he didn’t fit the Scooby size requirements, so he became Shaggy. LOL He is also a mutt–probably a German shepherd and pit bull mix, with maybe a little greyhound thrown in–and is afraid of thunderstorms, and fireworks. He digs to alleviate his anxiety. He is well-fed, despite his skinny appearance.



Sam, the bunny, belongs to my other daughter. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, so we chose a name that could go either way–Samantha (my daughter’s preference) or Samuel. Sam has recently moved into a new cage and apparently likes to dig. Good thing there’s wire four or so inches underneath her. She also likes tomatoes–another recent discovery.



Peeta is our cat. Can you guess how he got his name? He belongs to my third son. We adopted him from a local animal shelter. He is a grey tabby. He thinks he’s a dog though. In the picture he’s eating a bone. He also follows my son around, and comes when my son calls him.

Finally, there’s Teddy. He’s a teddy-bear hamster.  Teddy belongs to my fourth son. I don’t have any pictures of Teddy, not any that I could find anyway. He’s a cutie though. He’s also an escape artist. We have to rubber-band his cage closed so he doesn’t undo the door and run away, which he has done twice so far – once for almost a week.

So those are our pets, and their “original” names. How do you find the PERFECT name for your pet?


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5 thoughts on “The Naming Process

  1. Our baby girl is named “Sissy.” She’s a rescue, and was probably 5 or 6 years old when we got her. We don’t know anything about her past, but she’s very skittish. In the South, “Sissy” is a nickname for sisters, but also refers to someone who’s scared of everything. With our dog, it could be both! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Tom. Sissy is an adorable name. Might have to use it in the future. I think my next pet will be a german shepherd or a malinois(belgian shepherd). I wonder if Sissy would fit? LOL

  3. Enjoyed your post, Ginger. My copper-colored Golden came from the rescue group with the name Rudy. We tried and tried to come up with a different name, because I didn’t like Rudy. But every time we tried a new name, we’d look at him and decide he looked like a Rudy. So Rudy it is.

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