Pets: Did you know?

Cats and dogs are typical ‘normal’ pets. We’ve always had dogs, we once had a cat but there were several in our household who were allergic. Outside of the ‘normal’ we’ve had various types of pets. Everyone in the neighborhood would try to bring us whatever it was they found, be it dog, cat, turtles, dying rabbits….

Of course, I’m quite certain my kids encouraged them. They were eager to watch whatever creature brought to our door. My kids have learned a lot about the various animals they’ve called pets.

Did you know turtles love cherry tomatoes?

Did you know snakes have personalities?

Did you know that there are only a few places in the United States where the Italian Wall Lizard can be found? There is a two block radius in Topeka, KS and another in NJ where these beautiful creatures can be captured. We had one for a season.

Did you know turtles shells can be repaired by using wire? We found one on the side of the road that had been hit and took it to a local nature reserve after discovering this fact.

Did you know snapping turtles can snap a broom stick in two?

Did you know Cichlids dig tunnels under rocks? We had one that would spit rocks at the fish tank glass as well at the other fish.

Did you know gerbils tend to be allergic to pine bedding? You don’t want to know how I discovered this one. Worst traumatic pet experience ever. My kids were not allowed to have any pets that small again.

Did you know horses like to eat chew on hair?

Did you know birds love to dive bomb certain people’s heads?

Did you know that there are blue crayfish?

Did you know black snakes tend to be aggressive and corn snakes tend to be nice, at least that was our experience.

Did you know pet rocks make better pets than Cha Chia pets? Pet rocks don’t wither and die.

1097969_10151620251147309_192184463_nThis little guy, who was a pet for less than 24 hrs, seems to be a prairie skink. A type of lizard native in Kansas. There was some debate over what type of lizard he is because most skinks are small and have blue tails. As it turns out, only the juveniles have blue tails. So we’re guessing this is an adult. The problem with his identification is that he changed colors according to his environment, that is something the wildlife books don’t mention.

Well, that about rounds up my ‘Did you know’ session. One thing for certain, I have a lot of writing inspiration if I ever choose to add one of these little creatures into one of my future stories, including that little guy up above. He gave me a lot of laughter in one day.

Have you had any pets outside the norm?