By Betty Thomason Owens

Welcome to September – it’s Heroes month here at Writing Prompts, Thoughts, and Ideas…Oh My! Who are the heroes in your life? Who is your favorite literary hero? How do you create a great hero for your novel or story? This month, we will attempt to answer these questions and a few more.

For many, the first hero they encounter will be in their own home. Moms or Dads, Grandmas or Grandpas may be your first heroes in life and they may hold on to that title throughout your life.

Man-of-Steel_01Comic book heroes loom large these days. They make millions at the box office, these shiny heroes with the washboard abs. There are sports heroes and real-life heroes like firemen, policemen, and EMT personnel. Teachers, professors, pastors; they’re in all walks of life. Two of the greatest heroes in my life serve God in Ecuador. I will be writing about them this month.

These are just a few of the folks who earn the title of hero. The best ones of all are those living out their daily lives serving others. Working amongst the poor, the homeless, those driven out of their homes by storms or fires. Laboring in the emergency rooms of our hospitals, night after night. These are people God has called to be His hands and feet. These are the people whose lives we should study in order to create real life, loving, lovable, interesting heroes.

Virginia Smith - Headshot SmallOn Friday, Virginia “Ginny” Smith will guest post with her article, Heroes, Heartthrobs, and Hunks. Ginny has a brand new book coming out, so don’t miss this chance to win your free copy. Just follow her instructions in the post.

1147586_10201285470795843_797333570_oIf you’re interested in the craft of creating heroic characters, be watching for a post later this month from K.M. “Katie” Weiland, who has graciously allowed us to reprint one of her excellent articles. We hope you will be challenged, entertained, and encouraged by the stories and posts we share this month.

Contest News – We usually have a random drawing at the end of the month that includes the names of each of our commenters. The winner receives a $10 Amazon gift card. This month, we would like to give you the opportunity to be a hero. If you win our drawing, you can ask that your gift be donated to the ministry or foundation of your choice. Don’t feel you have to give up your prize, but just know this option is available to you.

What an exciting month ahead! Along with our Heroes posts, we’ll have the usual 3 Questions Wednesday going on. There’s actually nothing usual about it, each one is uniquely different and many of these offer free books or services. So please join us via email, “like” our Facebook page, or become a follower of this blog so you can keep up with all that’s happening on our Yellow Brick Road.

Today’s Prompt: Out of breath, I found a dark corner where I dared to stop long enough to gather my wits. I’d been running for several blocks and had not been able to lose my stalker. To my left, gravel crunched. Was he creeping up on me even now? Was this the end?

Have fun!

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