Jennifer Slattery

jensToday we welcome Jennifer Slattery, author and freelance writer, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

(1) Do you watch reality television? Why or why not?
Jennifer:I’m not certain I know what this genre includes, but I suspect the shows my husband watches fall into this category. His favorite are the American Pickers, Storage Wars, and I believe it’s called Duck Dynasty. I’m normally sitting close by, laptop open and engaged, but I’ll tune in and out. Overall, I’m not much of a television watcher. There are way too many awesome novels awaiting me to spend my free time on other things. 😉

(2) What are your thoughts on e-publishing?
Jennifer: I think it’s going to continue to grow, and honestly, I prefer reading on my Kindle. On my phone, actually. 🙂 It saves shelf space, and I can read whenever a moment arises, even in the grocery check-out aisle. Which reduces my tendency to grow impatient and say something I’ll regret, so, truly, epublishing promises to create a kinder, more Christ-like world. 😛 Okay, kidding aside, I do think it’s equivalent to the MP3 shift in music. Ah, the trees we are saving! 😉

(3) Which do you prefer? Facebook or Twitter?
Jennifer: I really need to do better with Twitter, but I don’t spend much time there. I like the community Facebook offers, and I’m much too wordy for those 150 character text boxes Twitter offers!

Thank you, Jennifer, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday! Make sure to leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for either a free 2,500 word critique of your manuscript or a print or e-book copy of Sweet Freedom With a Slice of Peach Cobbler.

Jennifer Slattery lives in the midwest with her teen daughter and husband of 18 years. She loves to write, read, and drink exorbitant amounts of coffee. She writes and edits for Christ to the World Ministries, an evangelical ministry that broadcasts via radio waves in 32 countries. She also writes for the ACFW Journal and Internet Cafe Devotions, and has written for numerous publications including NowWhat, the Bible Advocate, Breakthrough Intercessor, and Here’s the link to her critique services:

You can find out more about her and her work by visiting her devotional blog at

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