Alice J. Wisler


Today we welcome Alice J. Wisler, author and speaker, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

(1) Do you watch reality television? Why or why not?
Alice: Yes, I watch reality TV! My favorite shows are Chopped, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and American Pickers. Often when I’m in the kitchen and the pantry pickings are slim, I pretend I’m on an episode of Chopped and have to make the ingredients I have into a meal.

(2) What are your thoughts on e-publishing?
Alice: E-publishing and I haven’t seen eye-to-eye, but I am realizing it is here to stay and getting along better with the concept. All my books are on e-readers so I can’t complain.

(3) Which do you prefer? Facebook or Twitter?
Alice: Facebook so that I can post all the creations I’ve come up with by using Paint. I like the feel of being able to meet and talk with others on Facebook by using more words than allowed on Twitter. But I like Twitter, too. I’m really a Social Media Junkie.

Thank you, Alice, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday!   She will give a signed copy of her special cookbook, Memories Around the Table, to one lucky winner.  How’s that?  You can comment on your favorite fall food (FFF!) and one comment will be randomly picked.

Alice J. Wisler is the author of five novels–Rain Song, How Sweet It Is, Hatteras Girl, A Wedding Invitation and Still Life in Shadows, and Getting Out of Bed in the Morning: Reflections of Comfort in Heartache, a devotional. She teaches online grief-writing workshops and at seminars and conferences across the country. Learn more at her website:  and

14 thoughts on “Alice J. Wisler

  1. My current favorite treat is frozen yogurt at YoMyGoodness. Haven’t seen any fall flavors yet. Alice, I loved every one of your novels and can’t wait for more!

  2. I have to say pumpkin pie. We grow the pumpkins and make it from scratch. The crust is made with real butter. Too good! :o) BTW, my mother was thrilled to get your books that I got her for her 80th birthday. :o)

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