Heroes and Heroines

On Wednesday we called to remembrance all those lives lost when our country was attacked September 11, 2001. Many of them, heroes and heroines, sacrificed their lives to save others. Police officers, firefighters, and ordinary civilians.

Every time a police officer pulls over a vehicle or answers a call he’s at risk, every time a fireman runs into a burning structure, he’s at risk. When our family, friends and/or neighbors answer the call to serve in the military they put their lives at risk. When a passerby chooses to help instead of walking away, such as the two pairs of teens thwarting would-be kidnappers in two different states, they put their lives at risk.  What of the men and woman who shielded others while a gunman entered a movie theater, or the teacher sheltering her students during a tornado.

These people are heroes and heroines, those behind a badge and those who wear ordinary, everyday clothes.

Thank you for answering the call in a time of need.


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