Melanie Dickerson

melanieToday we welcome Melanie Dickerson, two-time Christy Award finalist and historical romance author, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

(1) Do you watch reality television? Why or why not?

Melanie: Jennifer, I rarely watch TV shows—almost never—during their allotted time. But we do sometimes watch them on DVD, like Duck Dynasty, which we love. What can I say? Those Robertsons remind me of my family back home in L.A. (Lower Alabama). We also watch a lot of the past seasons of Psych. And we did get hooked on the season of The Voice with Dez Duron and Cassadee Pope. But that is the extent of my TV watching, pretty much.

(2) What are your thoughts on e-publishing?

Melanie: I think it’s great and benefits everyone.

(3) Which do you prefer? Facebook or Twitter?

Melanie: Definitely Facebook! I am on Twitter, but I don’t really understand it. Haha!

melanie book

The Captive Maiden

Thank you, Melanie, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday!

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Melanie Dickerson is a two-time Christy Award finalist, and her second novel, The Merchant’s Daughter, won the 2012 ACFW Carol Award in the Young Adult category. She writes historical young adult romance novels for Zondervan. She is a graduate of The University Alabama and has taught special education at nearly every grade level, elementary to high school, and taught conversational English to college professors in Ukraine. She now lives near Huntsville, Alabama, with her husband and two daughters. Please visit her on her website, and friend her on facebook. You can pre-order The Captive Maiden at