Ginger Solomon


044Today we welcome Ginger Solomon, author of romance – both contemporary and historical – to 3 Question Wednesday.


(1) Do you watch reality television? Why or why not?

Ginger: Yes, I have watched Survivor since the second half of the first season. Yep, I know it’s not real. *shrug* I don’t really care. Some of it is funny, but mostly I enjoy seeing how people interact. Despite their claims that who they are in the game is not who they are in-real-life, you know they’re lying. As the saying goes…Leopards can’t change their spots. Somewhere deep down, who they are on the game is who they are when push comes to shove and they are backed into a corner.

Other than that, I don’t watch any other reality TV shows. Too many other things vying for my time. 🙂

(2) What are your thoughts on e-publishing?

Ginger: I think it’s a good way for authors to get their work in the public eye. Yes, there are some who push books out there that should never have sat down at the computer to type, but that goes without saying. Those people exist in whatever field you explore.

(3) Which do you prefer? Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. I have a twitter account, but I have a harder time keeping up with it.


Ginger’s debut novel, One Choice, will be releasing soon from Astraea Press. She lives in Madison, Alabama with her husband and seven children on a 7-acre mini farm. She spends her time homeschooling, writing, reading, and doing needle-work (crocheting or knitting).

You can find her at her blog – A Bed of Roses…Thorns Included, or on Facebook, and Twitter.



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