Healthy Eating: Fact or Myth?

By Jennifer Hallmark

The Internet, television, and even radio are loaded with stories about healthy food and healthy eating habits. How can you sort through the plethora of information to find the truth? I asked many questions and came up with the following answers.

(1)  Is chocolate bad for you?

Over the centuries, the answer has changed. At one time, chocolate was looked upon as medicine. Then studies found the fat and milk in most chocolate promotes obesity. It seems only super dark chocolate has healthy properties and chocolate should be eaten in moderation. Not what this chocolate lover wanted to hear.

(2)  Is lettuce good for you?

Yes, if it’s Romaine lettuce. It has twice the protein and calcium of iceberg lettuce. Also more iron, vitamin K, C, and A then iceberg lettuce.  Choose dark lettuces. Lettuce aids in digestion and gives you a sense of being full. 

(3)  Which fruit is the healthiest?

I looked at several sites to find mixed opinions.  Lean It Up chose blackberries as the ultimate healthy fruit. Other sites praised blueberries and raspberries for their high antioxidants. Several sites mentioned aronia berries, a fruit I’ve never heard of. It seems berries are the hands-down winner over apples and oranges.

burger (4) Which food is the least healthy?

Processed foods high in fat, sugar and sodium top the list. From fried cheese sticks to mega burgers to large Oreo milkshakes, these processed and calorie laden foods help no one when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Fruits, vegetables and lean meats still top the healthy list.

(5) What about dairy?

On the positive side, milk is packed full of calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. Because of the fat, people are urged to look at low-fat or fat-free varieties of dairy products. Many people have lactose-intolerance and should moderate their dairy consumption.

Though I wasn’t happy with all I discovered [especially concerning chocolate], healthy eating is the way to go. Moderation is an important path when you look at any change in your diet. What have you learned about healthy and unhealthy foods that you can share with us today? Enter it in the comments…

Today’s writing prompt: Eli stuffed another handful of fries in his mouth, and stared at the mega-burger in front of him. What was it Chloe said about his bad eating habits?

3 thoughts on “Healthy Eating: Fact or Myth?

  1. Something I was surprised to learn a while back was the more lean the milk, the more lactose it contains. I can drink a cup of whole milk without problems. But even half a cup of skim makes me horribly sick for hours. So I’ve learned to avoid milk and aim for aged, hard cheeses that have little to no lactose.

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