Healthy Eating – Eat for God’s Glory


By Dicky To

I love to eat. Whenever I see food on the table, my mouth waters, and I’ll approach and take a look. If it’s chocolate or cookie, I’ll force my mind not to think of it, but my fingers will disobey and grab one piece, then another piece, then . . . . Well, you know what I’m going to say.

After the enjoyment, a stab of guilt will strike at my chest like someone throws a punch at it.  That guilty feeling will remind me that I should eat healthy for the glory of God. Why? The answer is very simple and straightforward. It’s because we as Christians represent God. If our body becomes unhealthy because we eat too much of the unhealthy food, how do we be a good example to non-believers?

Of course, we all eat unhealthy food, but we should set a limit on the amount. Then what is a desirable amount? I can’t speak for anyone, but if the food is going to be harmful to my body, why don’t I just avoid having it? Right? I need to have self-control.

If you also love to eat, let me share with you two easy-to-make, Chinese recipes.

tofuSteamed Tofu
I know many people don’t like tofu, but it is a very rich source of protein, which promotes weight loss.

1.) Buy a block of soft tofu from a grocery store

2.) Drain the water
3.) Dice it into smaller, rectangular cubes

4.) Place them into a curved porcelain plate

5.) Boil a wok of water. Or you may use a steamer

6.) Set the tofu cubes onto the wok/steamer and cover the lid

7.) Steam it for about ten minutes and take it out

8.) Scatter chopped green onion and ginger root pieces onto the tofu

9.) Heat two tablespoons of oil, pour it on the cooked tofu, and season with a hint of salt and three tablespoons of light soy sauce

10.) Serve hot

Soybean Drink

Oh, this one is very easy to make. It’ll keep you warm in the cold winter.

1.)    Buy a carton of soybean milk

2.)    Heat it up in a pan

3.)    Drink it slowly

A new year has started. I wish all of you to have a healthy year.

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