It’s a Wrap

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By Betty Thomason Owens

January’s been fun here at Writing Prompts. Before I sat down to write this, I tucked some dark-leaf lettuce and lean roasted pork into a whole wheat tortilla, sprinkled it with sunflower seeds and grated cheese then rolled it into a wrap. It’s delicious. I’m scrolling through the various posts we’ve uploaded for January’s Healthy Eating theme and reading while I eat.

I especially loved John’s and Dicky To’s posts, because both confessed a love of eating. There’s nothing wrong with that. The key so often is what I led off with: Listen to your body. Know when to quit. Lay down your fork. Push away from the table. Stuff half your dinner in a take-home box. Have I championed this key? No. But I’m better at it than I used to be.

When there are health problems involved, you have to be more diligent. Christina’s post addresses several important health issues like gluten, GMOs, and sugar. The key here: do your homework. Find out what’s available and many times, as Ginger’s family does, grow your own. Last year, I planted tomatoes and peppers in my flower beds. They did very well. We even had extra to can. But if you can’t grow your own, and funds are limited, learn what your choices are, and be smart about it. Do the best you can with what you’ve got.

Jennifer’s helpful post asked some very important questions, including: Is chocolate bad for you? Need to check that out, with February’s approach. Another important reminder from her article: “Over the centuries, the answer has changed.” We all know this to be true. Someone’s always doing a new study, supplying new answers to old questions. Again, be smart. Prayerfully consider any changes you need to make.

Perhaps my favorite among the posts is our guest, Janalyn Voigt’s encouraging us to eat healthy, even in our rush-rush world. Advance planning, smart shopping, providing healthy snacks, and drinking more water. These belong on everyone’s to-do list. Pass along good eating habits to your children and grandchildren.

Exercise. Hit the gym. Don’t neglect this, it’s too important. Especially if you tend to be sedentary during the day. If you’re a writer, this can be a problem. Get outside whenever possible, even in winter. Not only does this promote good health, when you feel better, you tend to make smarter food choices. And sunshine, even through cloud cover, really does boost vitamin D3. So if you can’t get to a gym, put on a good pair of shoes and go for a walk.

The armchair athlete – With the Winter Olympics and the Superbowl just days away, we need to plan ahead. Heading out to a Superbowl party, or hosting your own? Jennifer’s latest post provides one good alternative food–Chicken Burgers!  Of course, you can always take a veggie platter and include a lower fat version of the usual dips. Just don’t tell anyone it’s lower fat. If it tastes yummy, who’ll know?

Thanks for joining us this month. I can hardly believe February is almost here. Where I live, it’s been a frigid, snowy winter so far, but probably not as cold as Sochi, Russia, where the Winter Olympics are due to start on February 7th. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to some of these events. The skaters are among my favorites and not just the sometimes jaw-dropping antics of the figure skaters, but the high speed skaters get my heart pumping. We’ll be talking Winter Olympics here at Writing Prompts throughout February. We’ll drop a few writing prompts into the mix and hopefully stir up some great ideas in those talented minds of yours.

Today’s writing prompt: Tamara scanned the competition as she settled into her position. Only time for one deep, cleansing breath before the starting gun’s blast. Then the air around her sparkled with energy and ice crystals.