Lisa Lawmaster Hess

Lisa Hess-Lisa Hess-0019Today we welcome Lisa Lawmaster Hess, former elementary school counselor and writer, to 3 Questions Wednesday.
 (1) What is your favorite book? [excluding the Bible]
Lisa: To Kill a Mockingbird. I remembered liking it in high school, and so when my daughter read it for English class last year, I re-read it. It was an entirely different experience as an adult! The language is just so gorgeous and the way she draws her characters. It’s an exquisite piece of literature.
(2)If you could walk into any book, what literary character would you want to be?Lisa: I struggled with this one. As an adult, I kept coming up empty. I like my modern conveniences too much, so that ruled out all of the characters in Little Women (even Jo, I’m afraid). If you’d asked me this question when I was twelve, however, the answer would have been simple: Nancy Drew. Good friends, cool car, nice boyfriend, lots of adventures. Pretty good life 🙂

(3) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Lisa: Probably Paris, but while I was “in the neighborhood”, I’d need to check out some of the beach resorts in France. There’s something about the beach that inspires immediate relaxation.

Thank you, Lisa, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday!  Leave a comment to be eligible to win a copy of Casting the First Stone.Casting the First Stone Cover.1231 copy

Lisa Lawmaster Hess is a transplanted Jersey girl who spends most of her time writing, teaching and ignoring the clutter these pursuits create. A former elementary school counselor, Lisa is the author of Acting Assertively and Diverse Divorce, along with many blogs and magazine articles. Her first novel, Casting the First Stone was just released in January. Currently, she’s at work on another novel, as well as a non-fiction book on organization.

Author of:

Casting the First Stone (Released 1/ 27/14)

Diverse Divorce

Acting Assertively

Porch Swing Chronicles (blog)

Six Children and No Theories (blog)

Facebook Author Page

Amazon Central Author Page


3 thoughts on “Lisa Lawmaster Hess

  1. Fun interview! I just have to second the thoughts on To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s an incredible book that I firmly believe ALL writers should read…more than once! Thanks for the interview, Lisa and Jennifer!

  2. We should start a TKAM club. One I my favorites as well, even the movie. Watched it with my (adult) granddaughter just a few months ago. The world was so different then…

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