Welcome New Crew Member-Don White

donsheadshotToday we welcome Don White, another new face on the Writing Prompts blog.

(1) Greetings from the Writing Prompts Crew. Tell our readers a little about yourself.

Don: Thank you, Jennifer. I’m truly honored to be on board. Having been in this world over fifty years, it’s hard to know where to start. However the biggest part of my life is certainly my family. My wife is a Registered Nurse in a cancer treatment center. I have two grown daughters, both married, and both are expecting babies in July, which happens to be our my and my wife’s thirtieth wedding anniversary, so I tell my daughter that we appreciate their extraordinary effort to celebrate our anniversary. The second most crucial part of my life is church ministry. I’ve been a minister since 1983, and that defines so much of who I am. And, of course, my relationship with Jesus Christ saturates all that I do in family life, career, writing, and anything else. My wife and I are natives to the Northwest, having been raised in Washington state, but we have lived in Southern Oregon for twenty years now, and we love the slow, rural environment.

(2) How did you become interested in being a writer?

Don: In church ministry, I have been writing for decades. Sermons, Bible studies, newsletter and bulletin articles, and online columns. For those in ministry, the apostle Paul set the example for us in his prolific writing ministry. It was a crucial part of his worldwide effort to bring people to Christ, and to encourage established churches and fellow Christian workers. So, I think writing and ministry really go hand in hand. Christians are people of words and books. There is a deep theology of words in the Christian faith, from Genesis through Revelation. Every Christian writer should be familiar with what the Bible says about the power of words. Long before my career in ministry, however, I was a dreamy child with a vital and creative imagination, and so much of writing is merely imagination on paper (or a computer screen).

 (3) Can you tell us three unique things about you that we may not know?

Don: Well, I’ve been an avid Peanuts and Charles Schulz fan since I was a child, and I collect old Charlie Brown and Snoopy books and other memorabilia. I hope to visit the Charles Schulz Museum soon in California, since it is just a few hours away from us.

My primary therapy for stress is woodworking. I love to do small projects with scrap wood. I also do some creative woodburning (some people call it pyrography), burning designs and images onto wood.

Lastly, one of my passions is the history of the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I have done some writing on that, and will do some more. I have a finished manuscript that I should send out soon. My wife and I have taken two autumn trips to Plymouth and Cape Cod, and we loved seeing the faithful replicas of the Mayflower and Plimoth Plantation, both of which are public museums. I’m certain we’ll go back again, hopefully soon. There is nothing like New England in the fall.

Thank you, Don, and welcome to the Writing Prompts Crew!

Don White has over thirty years experience in church ministry, and has always enjoyed writing. His articles have appeared in several church and pastoral journals, and he is currently working on a series of Christian Living books and two novels. He is a native Northwesterner, currently living in Southern Oregon. He has done much research on the Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts in preparation for several books he is writing. Don is also a lifelong fan of the Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz (and an avid collector of Peanuts memorabilia), and he suspects that he may indeed be a distant cousin to Charlie Brown.

Don has just reactivated his blog on issues regarding faith in America. You can read his thoughts on his site: Our American Faith (www.ouramericanfaith.com).