A Dozen Apologies with Betty Thomason Owens

img_9412 copyToday, we want to take a moment and talk with Betty Thomason Owens, one of our own Writing Prompts Crew. Her debut book, a group project, called A Dozen Apologies, released yesterday.

Congratulations! You’ve written a book and seen it to publication. What are three things you’ve learned from this experience?

Betty: Patience, patience, patience. OK, I know that’s only one thing, but it was important. Also, keep working and keep learning. If you think you know it all, you haven’t learned anything.

What is your favorite sentence or paragraph in the book?

Betty: Out of context, this may not make much sense, but I like the picture it conjures up:

  “Heʼd been such a little guy in college, and such a dork. Who knew heʼd look like that? The guy had morphed into an Adonis. She studied her reflection in the rearview mirror. The day had finally come. Instead of attracting men, she was now repulsing them.”

Writers sit for extended periods of time. What do you do to combat fatigue?

Betty: Get up, do yoga stretches and deep breathing. Step out into the sunshine. Take the dog for a walk.

How do you personally handle “writer’s block?”

Betty: Work backwards. If I get stuck in a scene and can’t finish it, I figure out where I want it to finish up, then work back from there. If my brain stalls out completely, I start writing a scene I’m truly interested in. The most exciting bit in the story. Then I do fill in to attach it to the rest. This usually works for me. Kind of like jump-starting a battery.

What fun fact would you like your readers to know about you?butterfy

Betty:  I’m a great “accidental” photographer. I love photography, or actually, I love the idea of photography. My pics are usually yawners, but occasionally, I slip up and take a really good one.

Thank you, Betty. Don’t miss the new release, A Dozen Apologies, available now.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Betty Thomason Owens, grew up in such exotic places as West Tennessee and San Diego, California. She lives in Kentucky with her husband of thirty-nine mostly good years. They have three grown and married sons living in the area, along with three daughters-in-law, four beautiful granddaughters, and two handsome grandsons.

Though she’d always had an interest in storytelling, her writing career began to take off in 1986. As a busy homeschooling mom, she needed an outlet for all the extra joy in the house. A few years passed, and she had several novel-length manuscripts squirreled away. After self-publishing two fantasy-adventure novels, she attended a Christian writers’ conference in Kentucky then later joined American Christian Fiction Writers, hoping to learn more about the craft of writing.

Now semiretired, Betty spends most of her time writing and studying about writing, critiquing other peoples’ writing, and caring for her mini-schnauzer granddog. Visit her webpage, or visit her on Facebook, Twitter , and Google+.A DOZEN APOLOGIES FINAL FRONT med

A Dozen Apologies

“In college, Mara and her sorority sisters played an ugly game. They’d date men considered geeks, win their confidence, and then dump them publicly. The tables turn after college when Mara loses her job and boyfriend. Mara’s heart is pierced by her actions toward the twelve men she’d wronged in college, and she sets out to apologize to each of them. Mara stumbles, bumbles, and humbles her way toward possible reconciliation with the twelve men to find that God truly does look upon the heart and that He has chosen the heart of one of the men for her to have and to hold.”

A Dozen Apologies

The Lady of the Haven

A Gathering of Eagles




One thought on “A Dozen Apologies with Betty Thomason Owens

  1. Betty, I didn’t realize you were an author for this book also. I knew Jennifer Hallmark was on the list. Congrats on being published! I downloaded it on my Kindle and can’t wait to read it.

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