Exercise? Low-Impact Aerobics


By Jennifer Hallmark

The month of March will be dedicated to exercise here on the writing prompts blog. Exercise has become more important and promoted in every walk of life and every age. From walking to bicycling to low-impact aerobics to Zumba, exercising is the “in” thing. Exercise? What’s your favorite?

Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite form of exercise, low-impact aerobics. A simple definition of this is a dance-like exercise that does not involve jumping, hopping, or jogging movements, sparing possible injury to joints. With my less-than-perfect back, this form of exercise is perfect for me.

Spine-health.com says that aerobic exercise increases the flow of blood and nutrients to back structures which supports healing, and can decrease the stiffness in the back and joints that lead to back pain. I agree. The program I follow uses walking and stepping instead of jogging and jumping. Jennifer Brindley Webster has a 30-minute program that I watch on satellite television. Her program has three days of aerobic exercise and two days of toning a week, all low-impact. Check this link to find out more about Rise Up television.

exercise bikeAnother form of exercise that I can do is  ride my stationary bicycle. A good work-out of the heart and legs can start my day off right. As I get older, I realize that I need to keep in shape and that means exercise. If I don’t, who will do it for me? No one. Let’s hear from you.  What form of exercise do you enjoy?