Walking for Health

Let me first make this perfectly clear from the start: I hate exercise!
I did enough of it in the Army for a lifetime. I can still remember the way the crisp air smelled at O’Dark Thirty in the morning, and I can live a long time without smelling it again.

Soldiers doing pt

I do know from experience that just eating better is not going to get the job done. I may be able to drop a few pounds cutting bad carbs, sugar and drinking more water, but moving is going to get the results faster. My goal is not just to shed a few pounds, it’s to get back down to a healthy weight for me. Let’s be honest, I know everyone has some issue they struggle with, maybe more than one.

I conquered one struggle with the help of the Lord, and we are forever thankful. My husband and I had tried to quit smoking for years, only to have WW 3 commence under our roof after only a few days. Not a happy site. So, we would start smoking again. The turning point was a desire on both our parts to dedicate our lives back to the Lord. We decided to attend a new church, get baptized and really learn what the Bible says about living a righteous life. In a tiny non-denominational church with prayer warriors a plenty we went forth one Sunday to break the nicotine habit. I will never be able to explain how it happened, but I NEVER craved another Marlboro again. Jesus did that for me!
Now, after I quit smoking, two babies, and years of a more sedentary life, I have gained more weight then I care to admit. My family has a history of diabetes, I have high cholesterol, and I have had a gout attack; twice. It’s time to quit messing around and get busy. I am doing pretty well with my eating, some days better than others. I do tend to cheat once in a while. That reminds me I have half a brownie I need to either finish or dispose of. I don’t feel bad for cheating. I get right back on the wagon the next day.

good food
What has worked for me is walking. I used to have a walking partner, but she moved away. Now I struggle with staying dedicated to it alone. I can walk any time, in any weather. I do it in my basement to a tape or DVD. Now I know some people are going to wonder; really? Can you really lose weight that way? Yes, you can. I had lost 15 pounds, and then when I stopped concentrating on the goal I gained it all back and then some. Stress sabotaged me.Walking
This time I am determined to get to the goal. I have only lost six pounds with my new eating program and I am not struggling with finding the time to walk in doors with my tape. I always plan on going to bed early so I can get up before I need to worry about two teenage boys waking up in time for school. That’s about to change. They are old enough to get themselves up, and we just happen to have two small alarm clocks that are not in use. Soon I will have no more excuses.


Tammy Trail

9 thoughts on “Walking for Health

  1. Ha, my husband always says “I did enough exercise in the Army for a lifetime, so I’m not exercising anymore” ….two decades later and well, he’s second guessing that plan now. 🙂

  2. I’d never heard of this walking workout video. Just found it on Youtube though! I love this, because no heavy/bulky equipment is needed and not much space either! I’ve been spot toning with old Denise Austin VHS but needed some motivation for an overall weight loss exercise. I have a treadmill out in the garage but it’s so coooooold during winter! No room for the treadmill in the house, but this workout will be perfect, thanks!!!

  3. I have a few of the Leslie Sansone dvds and do them on wet days. They are really good and easy to follow. Thankfully we I am able to get out at present.

  4. Melissa, I can relate to your husband well. In hindsight I wish I had kept up with some sort of exercise routine myself. Its harder now, but I was so encouraged by a article I read about a woman over 60 who was able to loose 50 pounds. She didn’t do it as fast as someone half her age, but she did it just the same. Good Luck to your husband.

  5. Natalie I had never heard of walking in doors either until my mother told me about it. Then she promptly sent me an entire set of 4 videos. I bought a couple of DVD’s over the years as well. There is one I really like, its interval walking; five miles with 3 minutes of walking and 2 minutes of jogging. I have yet to get through all the sets. I was up to three and quit. I want to work my way back and be able to do the whole program without stopping. I also have a Denise Austin tape that I use as well, but again I am going to have to work my way back to being able to have the stamina for it. I hope you have fun walking.

  6. Tammy — having worked at a substance abuse clinic, I can tell you that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world. I’m VERY happy the Lord helped you lay that aside. I used to show graphic photos to teen smokers of what their insides could look like if they continued to smoke, and I well remember one photo of a lung that looked like burnt steak (WAY past well-done).

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