The Great Outdoors


Photo by Christina Rich

Hitting the gym isn’t always a feasible option, especially for busy mothers. Especially for busy mothers who write too. On any given day I can bet working at our upholstery shop until four, hit the romper room where I watch kids until five-thirty, run home to make dinner only to be off to take my daughter to dance class. Some days I leave the house before eight and don’t return until after ten-thirty at night. If all that busyness equaled cardio and pounds lost I’d be very healthy. Unfortunately, I probably burn more calories sleeping.

sunset 1

Photo by Christina Rich

As much as I love the gym and working up a good muscle burn, I’d rather spend my free time with my family, especially since our lives are so busy. Some of the things we do together are take walks. During the warmer months, I often walk three miles a day. Walking outside gives this ADD brain new things to look at so I don’t get bored staring at the same blue car in the parking lot at the gym. It also provides me with some fresh air and a chance to talk with my walking partner, not to mention the beautiful sunsets God displays for us in the evenings.

sunset 2

Photo by Christina Rich

Walking isn’t the only activity that can be enjoyed outdoors. My dad is an avid exerciser. He hits the gym several days a week, but he also likes to be outside. When weather permits, he rides his bike anywhere from fifteen to twenty miles a day. He’s a great inspiration and although I don’t aspire to riding a bike that much–I have a love-hate relationship with bikes–I would like to run a 5k. That’s my goal this year. It was my goal last year and the year before. Now that Hubs knows about said goal, I’m certain I’ll be meeting that goal this year.

There are many activities you can do outside besides walking, running, and biking; hiking, rowing, sailing, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, swimming, gardening. Yes, I said gardening. Did you know you could burn calories doing that? It makes sense. I think you work more muscles pulling weeds from the flower bed than you do performing calisthenics.

There are many more activities that can be done outdoors. If weather conditions don’t bother, just get out there and do it. 😉