Connie Almony


Today we welcome Connie Almony, fiction writer and blogger, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

(1) What is your favorite book? [Bible excluded]

Connie:  I usually answer with three: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austin; Alec Forbes of Howglen, by George MacDonald; and Sir Gibbie, by George MacDonald. However, since you asked for only one, I’d have to say it’s Sir Gibbie. This is the book God put in front of me only a few years before my son was born. It’s about a very compassionate young man who happens to be mute. I didn’t want to read it when I first saw the blurb on the back. I thought, “How could a story be good if the main character has no dialogue?” Well, just read that story and you’ll see. Later, I read it for the third time, to my young, non-verbal, autistic son, when suddenly it dawned on me how much my son was like the main character. I loved Gibbie so much in the story and appreciated him for his gifts. It taught me to see my son for his strengths rather than only lament his disability. So, I guess I see this story as more than just a good book, but a special present from my Creator.

(2) If you could walk into any book, what literary character would you want to be?

Connie:  Hmmmm. I think I might have to say Lizzy Bennett of Pride and Prejudice, because it is so familiar to me. You see, I married Mr. Darcy. Really! He takes pride (yeah, I used that word) in me likening him to the character. He LOVES the scene in the A&E video where Darcy first proposes to Lizzy. He practically fist-pumps. In fact, it’s not too different from how he tries to compliment me—usually in how I’m not like other women, in some way I’d rather be like other women. This is a man who can get along with anyone from all walks of life and truly enjoys chatting with people … but if he has a hankerin’ to play arrogant, he can do arrogant. Nobody can talk down his nose like the hubby. It’s kind of a joke in our house. Whenever he speaks with that lowered-eyelid look, I mirror it right back and he laughs hysterically—at himself!!! In fact, he knows I’m writing this about him now. I used some of these traits in the main character of my novella At the Edge of a Dark Forest. It was lots of fun putting him in my story. It made me fall in love with him all over again.

(3) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Connie:  Oh, Jennifer, you’re really making me think today. Can you see the smoke coming from my head? There are so many wonderful places I’d love to see with rich cultures and histories. I went to Europe when I was in college and knew, instantly, I was too uninformed to fully appreciate all I’d seen. I wished I’d done some research before I got there.

Still, I think it’s Africa I am called to now. I know, Africa is continent, not a country, but I feel God calling me and my son there. He hasn’t told me the country yet, and I have a feeling it will be a while before He does. I’d love to go as part of a missions trip, but I know the mission won’t be for me to tell others of Christ, but for me to experience Christ through the African people. I sense it would change my life.

Thank you, Connie, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday! Leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of the novella in ebook or paperback, whichever you prefer.

Dark Forest--Final CoverAt the Edge of a Dark Forest

Cole Harrison, a war veteran, wears his disfigurement like a barrier to those who might love him, shielding them from the ugliness inside. He agrees to try and potentially invest in, a prototype prosthetic with the goal of saving a hopeless man’s dreams.

Carly Rose contracts to live with Cole and train him to use his new limbs, only to discover the darkness that wars against the man he could become.

At the Edge of a Dark Forest is a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Only it is not her love that will make him whole.

Connie Almony is trained as a mental health therapist and likes to mix a little fun with the serious stuff of life. She was a 2012 semi-finalist in the Genesis Contest for Women’s Fiction and was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Winter 2012 WOW Flash Fiction Contest. Her newest release, At the Edge of a Dark Forest, is a modern-day re-telling of Beauty and the Beast about a war-vet, amputee struggling with PTSD.

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