Tiffany Colter

tiffanyToday we welcome Tiffany Colter, The Writing Career Coach, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

(1) What is your favorite book? [Bible excluded]

Tiffany: The Taking by Dean Koontz

(2) If you could walk into any book, what literary character would you want to be?

Tiffany:  Oh my goodness is that a tough question! I would say Ebinezer Scrooge at the END of the book when he wakes from the dream and realizes the mistakes he made and can use his substance to bless others. I realize he would have many regrets, but after seeing what his life could be, and being given a second chance, at the end of the book he has a chance to help those in need, make amends for those wronged, and renew his purpose. Isn’t that what all of us long for?

(3) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Tiffany: Quimper, France to visit my French host family. I haven’t seen them in almost 16 years and I miss them terribly.

Thank you, Tiffany, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday! Everyone can select one of the free downloads available on Tiffany’s website. Here is the direct link to that page.

Tiffany Colter is an award winning writer whose credits include Charisma Magazine, Toledo Business Journal, regular columns for ACFW Journal and the Suspense Magazine where she writes the “Ask your Writing Career Coach” column.

For Tiffany, writing is about a relationship. It is more than stories. More than communication. It is even more than a way to make a living. Writing is about connecting with people and understanding them where they are. As a business owner, making this connection is imperative to the success of your company. Words evoke feelings. They engage your senses. They change you.

She earned her BA in Political Science from the University of Toledo’s Honor’s College in 1998. She earned a Summa cum Laude distinction and was inducted in numerous honor societies, including Phi Kappa Phi and Golden Key. She is the owner of The Writing Career Coach and Writing Career Coach.

What is Writing Career Coach?

Writing Career Coach was created to be a place where writers could learn about businesses and businesses could learn about writing. It has grown to encompass individuals who work at all stages of the writing and marketing process.

In August 2010, we officially launched Writing Career Coach Press, to help our clients have a high-quality, affordable option for their book length publishing needs. We specialize in collaborative writing and creating workbooks to go along side clients’ projects and workshops.