Treasure Hunters

treasureThere are many types of Treasure Hunters. There are those who comb through attics, basements, and estates looking for valuable antiques. There are those who seek lost treasure, either sunken on ancient (or not so ancient) ships, downed aircraft, or buried treasure—buried on purpose, or by a cataclysmic event. There are dinosaur hunters. Yes, really. Dinosaur bones can translate to big money or fame, or big bones in your basement or man cave. And then there are treasure hunters who comb the earth for gems and precious metals.

I was thinking about what in the world to write about for this month’s theme when a memory wedged its way out of the past into the present. I once had an uncle who loved to hunt gems.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Earlene lived most of their lives in Oregon, but in their later years, moved to Idaho. Uncle Bill had a dream. He loved to unearth hidden treasures and dreamed of one day finding “the one.” They bought land in Idaho. It was pretty much desert, but the area was known for the gemstones just waiting to be discovered. Stones like fiery opals and jasper. He set up a small gemstone shop for tourists and provided them with the means to dig for their own treasure.

He learned how to polish the stones he’d found and he and his family made jewelry to sell in the shop. It wasn’t an easy life, but he was living his dream. What little boy doesn’t love to dig in the dirt? And what man who has once found a gem or a lump of gold, can resist the urge to continue in the hopes that more will be unearthed.

And so the treasure hunting bug takes root in the heart of a person, urging them ever onward, seeking more. Kind of like the writer who fashions a story that wins the heart of a publisher. “I did it once, I can do it again,” she says. There’s more treasure out there to be found!

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I’ll be back later this month with more about my family’s connection to Treasure Hunters and a few suggestions on where you can find treasure.

Betty Thomason Owens