Shhh… I’m Hunting Treasure

                                              The tune of the one eyed fiddler follow
IMG_0272-003Through the narrow gully-pass
Amidst the fiery drink below
When ye cross the tip o’ Hell’s finger
Beyond is where the booty lies
As ye hasten toward the spot
Beware o’ the tide!

My, I felt like throwing in a hearty “Arrrghh!” for good measure! When I think of hunting for treasure, I think of pirates. The two are about as inseparable as PB&J, no? Booby-traps, quicksand; mystery and mayhem at every turn. Oh, the suspense!

You might say that the hunt is half the reward. The treasure is worth more to the peg leg scaly-wags that battled great perils and dangers to claim it as their own. This reminds me of the obstacles in a story and how they bring its characters to life. What’s a plot without a struggle? B-o-r-i-n-g.

On that note, let’s talk scavenger hunts; the watered-down, only 100x’s less-thrilling game that you play at youth group or family reunions. As you can probably tell, this type of treasure hunt is not on my favorites list. The first reason being because you know exactly what you’re in for at the start; checking them off as you go. I prefer surprises.

The second and best part about treasure hunting is the element of risk involved in the chase. Just because you set out on the journey, doesn’t mean you walk away with the loot. Risks vary from adventurer to adventurer. One may be willing to go to the ends of the earth to find what his heart seeks, whilst another may not.

By. Scott Howard

By. Scott Howard

As for me, my treasure is Christ. For those that walk in His way, we know – we are the risk. We risk ourselves. We risk uncovering the fear and pride of our own hearts. We risk sailing uncharted waters; abandoning our ships to trek through fog-enshrouded passes, beneath canopies so thick we can’t make out the stars. This is surrender. This is devotion.

What is it that makes one willing to face the obscurity of such an expedition? The promise of a treasure beyond his wildest swashbuckling-dreams, of course! You know what I think? I think a good pirate is only as good as his treasure map, because the risk of a man’s shortcomings and insecurities, are irrelevant as long as the challenge is a worthy one. I can’t be certain of every man’s charms and trinkets, but the Pearl of Great Price is worth all I have to give.

My treasure just so happens to be my Captain and my Guide. He’s my Light, my Steady Anchor, the Wind in my sails and the Northern Star on my Compass. He is the only treasure I seek and the one whose precious hand penned the map – actually He is the Map! If you can’t tell, I’m smitten with Him. I’m just relieved that all I have to do is follow His lead, one step at a time.

Bon Voyage and Happy Hunting!


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