We Welcome a New Crew Member

Betty Boyd 1Today we welcome new crew member, Betty Boyd.

(1) Welcome to the Writing Prompts Crew. Tell us a little about yourself.

Betty: I retired after 30 years of working for good ole Uncle Sam as an Acquisition Manager/Project Manager. I’m the President and owner of Boyd Consulting Services that provides various writing services to clients and companies. I have lived in the Tennessee Valley for 20 years, having moved from the East Coast for a job at Redstone Arsenal, AL. I’m a widow, very active in my church and love giving back to the community by doing pro-bono writing services.

 (2) How did you become interested in being a writer?

Betty: I felt in my heart that writing was a way to express myself. I wrote poems in high school. I kept them mainly to myself, but they helped through some difficult situations. I felt God was calling, telling me that my purpose in life was to be a writer. I love telling people’s stories because I learn something new from each person. Writing gives me hope and the telling of a person’s story will give others inspiration.

 (3) Can you tell us three unique things about you that we may not know?

Betty: I’ve studied and pursued photography all my life.

I sing in my choir at my church.

I love to read murder mysteries.

Thank you, Betty, and welcome to the Writing Prompts Crew!

A Pennsylvania native, Betty Boyd moved to the Tennessee Valley in 1994. She retired in early 2012 after 30 years of Government service. She has a consulting firm, Boyd Consulting Services, which offers writing services. She is a staff writer and researcher for a regional magazine in the South, active in her church, and volunteers for such organizations as Russell Hill Cancer Foundation. She is currently writing a book about Women of Inspiration.

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