WWI and World-Wide Efforts

IMG_0272-003Isn’t it amazing how many people are trying to find space in their everyday lives to get back to the basics? Whether that is by raising livestock and produce, cloth diapering your babies, or re-purposing used items for the latest DIY Pinterest project. Hey, I am a huge fan of these efforts. But I think it’s safe to say that the reasoning behind doing any of these differs from person to person.

GrowaGardenLast week, I came across a Facebook post that really got my gears turning. Have you ever heard the term Victory Garden? I had, but I didn’t exactly understand what it meant. I can’t remember learning about them in school. During WWI, the scarcity of food impacted not only troops on foreign soil, but their families at home. While it may have been of common understanding that the poor and less-fortunate were the only people that grew their own food, at this point in history, gardening became patriotic.

My mother used to keep a garden when I was a small child. I remember doing the best job a four-year-old could do, picking kale and beans and bringing them in to wash them in the sink. In the same way, during economically depressed times, world-wide efforts like keeping chickens and gardening was a way that everyone could do their part.

USDA-AllisonI have considered gardening. My husband and I discuss hobby-farming pretty often. This is not only so my family can experience the freshest food possible, but for many other reasons as well. How often a small family operation becomes a communal affair. Homegrown and handmade is on the rise. It might even be considered a trend. For one, it’s highly therapeutic. Secondly, it’s an activity that can bring families and entire community’s better health and a sense of wholesome pride and satisfaction. Why? I think it’s because it puts us in contact with God’s green earth and closer to His original intent.

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