Ushering in a Spiritual Awakening

imagesN1M721QMAfter 50 years one can look back and see that the 1960’s was a turbulent era to be sure. Political, social and moral upheaval could be witnessed in in all aspects of life. One of the most memorable was the “Flower Child” movement. A countercultural effort to promote freedom from establishment of the day. Peace, Love and anti-war sentiments were spewed through out the media, fashion, language, and even our Spiritual norms. Who can forget the chant of that generation, “make love, not war” while passing out flowers to get attention.

The war in Vietnam certainly effected that culture, it was perhaps the first time Americans could witness how war was fought from the comfort of their living rooms from a television set. I am sure it was a shock to the system. With the assignation of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, people from all walks of live were also taken to a darker side of humanity never before seen by the average American. And yet in all the chaos and confusion, God had his own revolution taking place. I remember well the Spiritual awaking of the early 70’s. My family was effected by it as well. Billy Graham dominated our airways anytime he was broadcast on television. And then the question became, “are you born again?” God did not let us slide down the slippery slope within a chaotic world. He sent men to remind us of our purpose here on earth, a guiding light, a beacon of hope.

I can’t help but reflect on the similarities of yesteryear and today.

All around us we are bombarded with our own cultural upheaval, some of which may be in our very own homes. Instead of “flower children” we have a generation of children who constantly question everything. While that is not a bad habit, it can make for some interesting conversation around the dinner table. There is certainly enough fodder in our society to make young people confused. We all feel so passionate about our own points of view, that its hard for some of us older folks to remember that today’s social conflicts are much more experiential to our younger generation. They have grown up in a world where it has permeated their lives and us older ones are constantly playing “catch up.” Whom you love, and decide to marry has become much more complicated for some of us. We are taught to love everyone, and everyone matters. God’s plumb line of his word has become a mill stone instead of stepping stone for some of our neighbors. And though we may love some of those people more than our next breath, God’s word does not change, deceive or take away freedoms. imagesINLGH9DI

And then there is even bigger conflict I believe is on the horizon, from a country in the Middle East. We have all heard the stories of our brethren being persecuted for their faith. How does this not drive one to their very knees. What are we all doing about it? While we go through our day working, consuming, existing, sleeping. There are folks out there who need our prayers.

But I do not sit in a puddle. The Lord has told us to be steadfast. To consume his word as if we could not exist without it. The Lord is  the purpose in life, we are the guiding light, the beacon of hope. We have been called! And there is and ALWAYS will be those leading the way. Reverend Billy Graham at the age of 95, still prays, encourages and believes for another Spiritual Awakening.

I believe there is a greater movement of the Spirit is yet to be experienced. The Lord has saved his best for last. Be ready!