Betty Thomason Owens

BTO WEB 909Today we welcome author Betty Thomason Owens, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

(1) What is your favorite book? [Bible excluded]

Betty: Jane Eyre. I’m happy to have such a favorite to depend on. With all the writer friends I have, it would be difficult to choose. I’ve read so many wonderful stories lately!

(2) If you could walk into any book, what literary character would you want to be?

Betty: Well, I don’t really want to go to Thornfield Hall, though I love Jane Eyre’s story. The moors are too cold! I think I might rather step into the lovely Arwen’s character and visit Rivendell in its prime (from Lord of the Rings for those of you who may not know).

(3) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Betty: I have several places on my bucket list. Victoria, British Columbia is one place I’ve always wanted to visit. I love the Pacific Northwest and have been within miles of British Columbia. I never tire of those beautiful mountains.

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The Lady of the Haven

ladyofthehavenJael of Rogan, a young healer-woman known as the Lady of the Haven, has no idea who she’s pulled from the rain-swollen river when a mortally wounded warrior practically falls into her arms. Her healing skills and deep faith in God combine to snatch William, Prince of Coldthwaite, from the brink of death only to learn that the peril to his life is far from over.

As soon as William is able, Jael aids his escape through the mysterious disappearing trail. He vows to return if she ever summons him when the danger has passed. William begins the long and hazardous journey over the Touri Mountains, his heart forever bound to the beautiful young healer whose songs haunt his dreams.

Forced to flee her home, Jael remembers the Warrior’s promise and races to find him in his far off land. Pursued, captured, relentlessly interrogated, her life is in danger nearly from the start. Just as hope begins to fade, Jael is freed by a band of soldiers and learns that William is only a short distance away. Their paths cross briefly as he leads his army in the struggle to defeat their foe. William departs and evil men move in once more.

Here in this strange land, amidst a deadly struggle, Jael comes face to face with a truth she never suspected. Perhaps the power she’d attributed to the haven lay within her all along. But can she, an outcast, ever hope to gain the heart of the prince?

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Betty Owens grew up in such exotic places as West Tennessee and San Diego, California. She now calls Kentucky home, with her husband of forty years. They have three sons, and six and a half grandchildren.

She has two inspirational fantasy-adventure novels, The Lady of the Haven and A Gathering of Eagles, in a second edition published by Sign of the Whale Books, an imprint of Olivia Kimbrell Press. She is one of twelve authors featured in the romantic novella, A Dozen Apologies, released Valentine’s Day, 2014, by Write Integrity Press. She recently contracted with Write Integrity Press for her three-book Legacy Series. Watch for her first novel, Amelia’s Legacy, late 2014.

She is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), where she leads a critique group, and attends local meetings, and Bluegrass Christian Writers, a lively group of Kentucky writers, who meet quarterly in a Lexington, Kentucky bookstore.You may recognize her as a member of the Writing Prompts Crew. Besides her articles here, you can find her writing at She’s on Twitter as @batowens, and on Facebook.


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      • Yes, Sherrie, she is the same Lady. Yes, she would be a cool character to step into. I would love to visit the mysterious haven…

  1. My fave book, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.
    Where I wanna go, many places but really want to see the Sistene Chapel so I’ll say Italy.
    And step into a character? ?? Don’t know, but I love Sense and Sensibility, so maybe Eleanor??? Although I’m not one who wants to go back in time. I like my mod cons!

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