Thoughts on Self Publishing with Ethan Bethune

Here to talk today about self-publishing at Writing Prompts, I’d like to introduce my friend Ethan Bethune. He is a captivating poet, photographer, and he aspires to publish his first book at the start of the year.


As children we kept journals. We wrote essays for things like 9/11. But I never thought I’d fall in love with writing. Now I write poetry, essays, and short stories. Some for my younger brother and sister, who are special needs children.

Now onto the self-publishing bit. 15 years ago it probably had a lot of stigma around it. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that if you self published, it was pretty obvious because your book was the one that looked like a government food label. And it screamed that you had important things to say, but no one would listen.

But today I will probably be using this indie publishing. It just makes sense. I’ve talked to publishing companies or houses. They on a good day, only ask for your college tuition or left lung…mere Micro fees.

With self publishing, I get so many options that still allow me to have control, or outsource the ones I don’t like ( such as cover design, editing, book binding, etc.).

The biggest thing is it’s affordable. Because it’s printed on demand while being available online as well, and still purchasable globally anywhere from Canada, to our cousins across the pond, to the girl next door on her way to Barnes and Noble.

So for me it just makes sense. I mean, my first book of essays and poetry titled Bleeding Ink is not the easiest thing to get published. I will likely also publish an era series I’ve been posting on my website, titled lettres-de-guerre, War letters, just because it’s hit so well.

With social media as a marketing platform, writing should be fun. I’ve watched artists self publish. And their books were unavailable on Amazon, but using Twitter and all forms of networking to push their book, they’ve sold thousands of copies.

15 years ago? Not the case. I know self publishing or being any kind of indie artist can be overwhelming, but the important thing I think, is that we make good art, regardless of what form we use. So just make things. Because people will read it. These are the stories we leave behind not only for our children, but for everyone.

For more of me, just checkout Regarding Samuel | A writers blog.

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