Thankfulness and a Christmas Extravaganza

christmas red
Happy Holidays!

November is here and we’re ready to kick off the season with a month-long look at what we’re thankful for. And as a special bonus, most posts will share favorite holiday recipes. Yum!

Also, we want to give back to one of our loyal blog readers during this season. We’ve set up a rafflecoptor giveaway that will run from November 1st to December 29th. On December 31st,  we’ll announce the blessed winner of the following prizes…

$25 Barnes and Noble gift card
$10 Walmart gift card
Print copy of “Sweet Freedom a la Mode”
Print copy of “Amelia’s Legacy”
Print copy of “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon
Print or ecopy of “Crooked Lines” and a small gift from India [Holly’s there now]
50 ,000 word edit by Janet Carol Abney. Certain restrictions apply.
Editorial services by Marisa Deshaies, a copy and substantive edit for the first three chapters of a manuscript.

Someone has to win!

Why not you? See you at the Writing Prompts Blog...

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