Off with the Old, On with the New


By Tammy Trail

A new year has begun, and like many of our readers I will strive to forget the mistakes, failures, and negative circumstances of last year and fling them into the black hole of forgetfulness.

The New Year holds the promise of a fresh start. My husband and I started January 1st with the setting of Goals. We have done this in previous years, but had let it slide for the past two. I found the original notebook in which we had written those goals, what a surprise to find that many of the goals had been achieved. I do have to admit that those achievements were not all accomplished in that year. We set personal, financial, spiritual, and business goals.

A personal goal of mine is to lose weight. I would like to be 25 pounds lighter by April. I would also like very much to have my manuscript polished to a fine shine in order to submit for publication or to publish it through Amazon.

I love to learn. Bible study was a great source of pleasure for me over the years. Here, again I have to admit I have gotten away from it. The beauty of studying the Word is that you can begin anywhere, on any topic, in any version, and learn something new that can be applied to your life today. I used to faithfully attend a Bible study group. Every Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 I was seated with six other ladies around Lonnie Frick’s dining room table. This groups of ladies were very special. We came from all denominations; Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, and Pentecostal. If there were any disagreements that arose from a difference in doctrine, our sweet leader would raise her hand and say, “Ladies let’s take it to the Word.”

I do miss those Bible studies very much. Sitting around a table, drinking tea, and listening to my Bible teacher, Lonnie Frick who shared her enthusiasm for learning about God. My sweet Spiritual Mother is now 91 years young. She no longer leads studies, and most of her contemporaries have gone to live with Jesus. When I recently called her, the voice on the other end of the phone was just as strong, and her mind sharp. I thought I heard a bit of disappointment in her voice when I confessed that I did not give time to study daily.

Remembering how I was so hungry to learn years ago from Lonnie’s gentle encouragement has given me pause for thought. How did I get so off track? We did move away from that small town to a city of 120,000. It was like moving to Disney Land; retail stores stayed open all night instead of closing by 9 p.m. Neighbors keep to themselves and are not necessarily eager to make your acquaintance, and between the hours of 10 am and 12 pm on Sundays you have lots of friends at church.

I have tried to recreate the bonds of that Bible study in my own home. I held  a study on Saturday mornings. Served tea and biscuits. I had some success, but I offer it no longer. Maybe one day I will try again.

For now, my goal for this year is to find that hunger for God’s word again. Just me and God. I guess that’s all I really need.