3 Questions Wednesday with Jennifer Slattery

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Today we welcome author and blogger, Jennifer Slattery, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

Let’s get right to the questions, Jennifer. Which author would you never get tired of, and why?

Jennifer: I’d probably have to say Mary Connealy, because she can write with depth and humor, and she doesn’t shy away from real life issues. I love inspirational romance novels, but I like those that have more meat to them. I also enjoy Jenny B. Jones. That girl is hilarious! And she’s written about some important stuff, too, like foster kids and such.

I like humor in a book myself. Also a “good” bad guy or gal. Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Jennifer: I wonder if this would give too much away…. I’ll have to say this is a bit vaguely. *wink* I’m reading A Bride in Store by Melissa Jagears, and I love her villain because, well, we don’t know he’s a villain until we’re 147 pages in. How’s that for a plot twist? I’d say more but then I’d spoil it.

I love the idea for a late twist. Let’s talk about you for a moment.What project are you currently working on?

Jennifer: While waiting for big-picture edits for my third novel, releasing in October, I’m finishing up a sequel to Beyond I Do that I really hope my publisher will contract! This one follows the story of Angela Meadows, the heroine’s mother in Beyond I Do.

Angela Meadows is ready for a clean slate, to launch a career, and to embrace her new life in Christ. But self-loathing and remorse for a life forever lost hold her back. When she encounters a single mom married to an incarcerated felon and her children, Angela’s shame becomes swallowed by something greater—compassion. Her past draws her to them, but will it drive away the only man she’s truly loved?

Thanks, Jennifer, for joining us on 3 Questions Wednesday.

When Dawn BreaksWhenDawnBreaks_N154102_300dpiRGB

As the hurricane forces Jacqueline to evacuate, her need for purpose and restitution motivate her to head north to her estranged and embittered daughter and into the arms of a handsome new friend. Dealing with his own issues, Jacqueline isn’t sure if he will be the one she can lean on during the difficult days ahead. And then there are the three orphans to consider, especially Gavin. Must she relinquish her chance at having love again in order to be restored?

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Jennifer Slattery writes soul-stirring fiction for New Hope Publishers, a publishing house passionate about bringing God’s healing grace and truth to the hopeless. She also writes for Crosswalk.com, Internet Café Devotions, and the group blog, Faith-filled Friends. When not writing, Jennifer loves going on mall dates with her teenage daughter and coffee dates with her handsome railroader husband.
Visit with Jennifer online at JenniferSlatteryLivesOutLoud.