3 Questions Wednesday with Karen Jurgens

Today we welcome Karen Jurgens, blogger and writer, to 3 Questions Wednesday. Also Karen will be joining us as the newest member of the Writing Prompts Crew.  Please make her feel at home. 🙂

Hi Karen! Glad you’ve dropped by. First, we want to know which author would you never get tired of, and why?

Karen: As a former English teacher, I have taught many of the classics over the years. The author I keep coming back to is Charles Dickens. His descriptions of the Victorian Era are wonderful, and I love to lose myself in that time period. His gift of character development makes them all come alive, and I feel as though they are old friends whom I love to visit again and again.

I love to read Charles Dickens stories! He does write great characters. Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Karen: It would have to be Estella in Great Expectations. Poor Pip falls in love with her from their first encounter, and he mistakenly believes that Miss Havisham has destined them to marry. I mourn that Estella ruined both of their lives by throwing away true love. Her cruel treatment of Pip’s tender heart and her ultimate rejection of him drive me repeatedly to the tissue box.

I agree. Now let’s talk about you. What project are you currently working on?

Karen: My current WIP is a memoir to minister to all Christians and seekers of Christ. It chronicles my God-given dreams and other supernatural encounters with Him, as well as other stories from family members down through the generations. When people read them, I hope they will be encouraged and uplifted as they seek their own answers from heaven. I plan to use this book as a springboard for a speaking ministry to testify to God’s power and glory.

Karen Jurgens has been a high school English and French teacher all her life. She has recently retired and is beginning a ministry to encourage others going through life’s trials. Her current WIP is about her own powerful testimony. You can follow her blog at www.KarenJurgens.com.