Pop Culture among Writers

social mediaBy Jennifer Hallmark

Pop culture. The word itself is almost cliché.



What does it really mean? This month, we’ll be discussing Pop Culture here at the Writing Prompts blog and hopefully giving you plenty of ideas to add to your idea files.

Today is my take on Pop Culture and what it means to today’s writer. I like the definition in the Urban Dictionary: a widely accepted group of practices or customs. To me, it also means today; at this very moment.

What are some widely accepted practices or customs among today’s writers? Let’s look at five.

Social Media-Many writers have realized that when it comes to marketing, social media is a major component. The ability to spread the word about articles, stories, and books you have written by way of Twitter, Facebook, Google +, You Tube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snap Chat is seemingly endless, for now. That could change with reports that some forms of social media may start to charge for their services.

nanowrmoNaNoWrMo or National Novel Writing Month-In 1999, 21 writers gathered in the San Francisco area and wrote a novel in a month. That is approximately 1667 words a day to hit a 50,000 word goal. In 2014, 341,375 novelists wrote at nanowrimo.org, as well as 82,554 kids and teens. Wow. Could I write a good chunk of a novel in a month? I took the challenge in 2011 and met the 50,000 word goal. It was tiring, but exhilarating.

Self-Publishing-Once a stigma among serious writers, self-publishing today can be a profitable venture, for the newbie writer and the experienced author alike. The most successful self-published works seem to be those that are well-edited, relevant, and well-marketed. There are many good articles giving advice about self-publishing, including this one by Edie Melson.

E-Readers-This is a handheld device on which electronic versions of books, newspapers, magazines, etc., can be read. Popular ones include the Kindle and the Nook; and now even your phone can be the keeper of many books. Writers have another place to sell their works. Short stories and novellas have been given new life in the form of electronic literature.ebooks-kindle-gratis

Audio books– Though books captured in audio form have been around since the 1930’s, recently they’ve hit a new realm of popularity. As people in general have less time to read, many listen to audio books on their way to work. CD’s, podcasts, and the ability to listen to an audio book through your phone encourage this latest way to “read.”

All of the above are widely accepted practices that today’s writer needs to acknowledge and further study if they are to stay attuned to current trends and movements in the world of books. Can you think of other forms of Pop Culture affecting today’s writers?

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Writing Prompt:

Anna tapped her pencil against the desk, then used the eraser to scratch her chin. Words. She only needed a few hundred words to complete NaNoWrMo. She shook her head. Thirty straight days of fever pitch writing. Almost over. Why wouldn’t the last words come?

Her phone vibrated on the table. She glanced at the screen, her lips turning upward in a smile…

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