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Fay TeachingWhen I was asked to write this post, you could have knocked me over with the red beam on a laser pointer. Of course, the qualifier was, “Can you do that without it being, uh, too over the top?”

Everyone who spends any amount of time with me knows that I am opinionated politically. So, this post is going to be quite an exercise for me.

My political leanings began when I was eighteen. Literally, on my birthday. My mother issued an edict. “You will vote, and you can vote for candidates of either party. “We really only had two parties back then. Believe it or not, the Whigs weren’t around when I was eighteen.

The first thought in my pliant eighteen-year-old brain was, “Vote? I never thought of that.”

So Mom planted a seed: I could be responsible for putting someone into office. Awesome!

Remember, I said my mother issued an edict. She hadn’t pronounced it yet, but she did. While I was milling over the power a registration card would put at my voting finger, Mom said, “I don’t care what party gets your vote, you will register [keeping my promise to not go over the top by leaving out my party—you have a 50-50% chance], or you will not live under my roof.”

As tempting as getting kicked out of the home and living on my own was, I registered to vote—on the same ticket as Mom. To this day, I thank the Lord for my mother’s wisdom.

When I was eighteen, the year was 1978. Jimmy Carter was president, and whatever party you belong to, we know how that worked out; St. Paul. Minnesota became the second city to repeal its gay rights behind Miami-Dade who did the same in 1977; On November 4, 1979, fifty-two hostages were taken by Iran and held 444 days. These captives were at Iran’s mercy for the entire term of Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

At a time when one direction could benefit and another could harm our nation and impact others for years to come, voters in 1978 were placing people into office who would pass laws for their country, their states, their counties, and their cities.

Today, the vote of our young people—of every voter—is no less important than it was back then.

Americans in 2015 have to make choices which can and will impact us individually or as a nation, and now more than ever worldwide.

In 2015: Barak Obama is well into his second term as president; Americans and others have been beheaded by terrorists; a satirical newspaper in France was attacked and many died because of their cartoons depicting Islam; in Florida, the Osceola Courthouse opened at midnight using taxpayer money to do so in order to allow officials to marry same-sex couples even as the State proceeded with an appeal.

Whether one agrees with the events and actions stated above, the one truth remains, they are born from either an  indifference to politics or because the issues were taken seriously by a voter—somewhere.

American’s have a right to vote, but no matter the age, we must vote responsibly, thinking about the future of generations to come. After all, today’s voters will be my age before too long, and they’ll have to live with the consequences of their generation’s political decisions.

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