3 Questions Wednesday with Elizabeth Noyes

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Today we welcome author Elizabeth Noyes to 3 Questions Wednesday. So glad you dropped by! Let’s start off by finding out which author you’d never tire of and why.

Elizabeth: Isaac Asimov. I love science fiction and Mr. Asimov has written a ton of novels and short stories. Such visionary ideas, when paired with his remarkable storytelling talent renders futuristic impossibilities completely believable. And with a ‘feel-good’ message that inspires hope.

I love a good, hope-filled message in a book. Not all of our characters are necessarily good, however. Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Elizabeth: The White Witch from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. I have to admit, she scared me as a child and she scares me as an adult! To think that someone could sink to such depths that you could lose touch with your humanity.

She is a great villain, evil through and through. Would you mind sharing which project you’re currently working on?

Elizabeth: I’m doing final edits on Imperfect Trust, the second book in the Imperfect Series, which should be released sometime in the summer 2015. Next on the horizon is Imperfect Truth.

We all look forward to your next book, Elizabeth. 🙂 Thanks for joining us! If you’d like a chance to win a signed copy of Imperfect Wings, please leave a comment.

Imperfect WingsIW Front Cover

Three years after burying her father, TJ visits Honduras where he died. While there, she witnesses a murder and is forced to flee. 

Don Castillo dreams of power. Funnel the drugs into the States and it’s his. First, he must kill the woman who dared spy on him.

The last thing Garrett Cameron needs is another woman interrupting his life, but when the feisty vixen that blew his mission two years ago shows up at his ranch running for her life, what can he do?

As attraction ignites between TJ and Garrett, she lets go of past betrayals and allows him to protect her. He’s lived a life of violence. Love isn’t for someone like him. Does he dare reveal his soul’s dark side and risk driving her away? 

Only faith in God and trust in each other can overcome the deadly odds they face.

Elizabeth Noyes is a native of the Deep South and claims to still “speak the language,” even after traveling around the world for most of her adult life. She and her husband now live in the eastern suburbs of Atlanta where she recently retired from a career as a professional business writer and editor. “I thought I would have trouble filling my days now that I’m retired. Instead, it’s a challenge to squeeze in time for my writing between church, family, grandkids, friends, book marketing, and learning more than I ever wanted to know about social media. Somehow, though, the balance always comes.”

Email:              Elizabeth@ElizabethNoyesWrites.com

Website:          www.ElizabethNoyesWrites.com

Facebook:        www.facebook.com/Elizabeth.Noyes.54

LinkedIn:        www.linkedin.com/in/enoyes1625

Twitter:           www.twitter.com/ENoyes5246


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